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Welcome to Dazzle!

Table of Contents

Meet Logan & Terry

Meet Flora

Meet Jamie

Your Direct Line to The Dazzle Admin Team: (323) 553-1461

This is a fabulous job

Biweekly Thursday Morning Training Meeting

Schedule Availability

Proper Preparation

Requesting Time Off

Unplanned Absences

We track unplanned absences right here. You can check it out anytime. It’s updated on Tuesdays.

Paid Holigays

Paid Time Off

Allowed Job Hours

Pay Scale


Pay Checks, Pay Check Stubs & Paycheck Bags


Using Maid Central

Arriving to Work On Time

Greeting the Client

What To Do If Something Breaks While You're In The Home

Proper Pet Procedures

Please Keep Your Phone On While At Work

All Client Contact Must Go Through The Office

Adding Job Notes to Client Profiles

When a Job is Under Booked

When a Client Gives You a Key

Using Your Key Log

Leave Behinds

New Client Welcome Bags

Dazzle Products

Initial Premium Deep Clean

Initial Express Clean

Premium Maintenance Clean

Express Maintenance Clean

You Design The Clean

Move-in Cleaning

Move-out Cleaning

What's Not Included in a Move-in/out Clean

Short Term Rental/Air B n B Cleaning/ Mister B n B

Standard Office Clean


Dry Dusting Blinds

What Does Edge The Carpet Mean?

Changing Sheets

How to Clean an Oven

How to Clean a Fridge

How to Clean a Dishwasher

How to Clean a Washer & Dryer

How to Make a Bed The Dazzle Way

Changing a Duvet Cover Like a Pro

Towel Folding 101

Blanket Folding 101

Throw Pillows 101

Washing Dishes 101

Laundry The Dazzle Way

The 13 Rules of Speed Cleaning

Cracking The Dirt Code

Level 11 Homes

What We Don't Clean

Avoiding Complaints

Avoiding Damage

Creating a 5 Star Experience

Products & Equipment Review

Basic Vacuum Maintenance

Dazzle is a Carbon Neutral Company

Every Google Review Plants a Tree & Gets You a Bonus

New Client Referral Bonus

Health Insurance

Dental Insurance

Life Insurance & Supplemental Coverages


Bring Your Own Dazzle to Dazzle

How to Succeed at Dazzle

Dazzle Office Tour