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“We hired Dazzle to do a deep clean after a construction project was completed. Tekoa was friendly and on-time and did a great job! There was a lot of attention to detail and the deep clean was really thorough, including baseboards, the window tracks, and doors, plus everything else that comes with a “standard” clean. The products they used smell lovely!”

Barbara Bonner

“I use Dazzle for a monthly clean and they do such a great job! Elmer and Kierriea have both cleaned for us and they are both incredibly thorough, friendly, and kind. They’re efficient and on-time. The company itself is always responsive to any questions I have. I’m really glad to be supporting this company.”

Brandi Paribello

“I have been using Dazzle for a few months now and absolutely love them. Initially, I had a few different cleaners before I got into a regular rotation. They were all super sweet and professional. My regular cleaner (at my request) is amazing- she does an excellent job, is quick, always on time, and very personable and professional. Plus, all of Dazzle’s cleaning products are homemade and safe. Their floor cleaner is a heavenly lemon concoction that leaves my home smelling and looking fresh and clean! Client for life!”

Poppy D.

“The team from Dazzle did a great job, would 100% use them again. Great communication, easy to book. Arrived on time and followed instructions perfectly. Our house has never looked better! I was working from home part of the time they were working, and they were polite and easy to have around. So thorough – found missing items we didn’t know we were missing!”

Ginger Castleberry

“My dusty old apartment was filled with 70 years of art works, memories and books. And rather tragically dirty floors. As of today at noon it is SPARKLING CLEAN. I purchased the deep cleaning, and the cleaners (Jazmin and Celi) were simply marvelous. My place is cleaner than it was when I moved in. For sure choosing Dazzle Cleaning Company in the future.”

Jack O’Rion Barker

“We had our house deep cleaned for the first time and couldn’t be happier! Our team was Adora and Katie, and our house really did sparkle when they left. They worked hard, were thorough, and very respectful of our home and dog. Thank you, Dazzle team!”

Amy Webster

“Overall, had a great experience from beginning to end with Dazzle – it was easy to get a quote, Gio was helpful to answer questions and set up an appointment, and it all went smoothly. Leslie did an awesome job deep cleaning our home, was on time, and super professional. Would recommend!”

Michelle Wolfe

“I was able to easily schedule, reschedule, and update my service with instructions on how to access my home while I was away. It was a delight to come home to a clean home, and the personal touches were very sweet. I would absolutely recommend Dazzle to others!”

Willow Vaughan

“We are so pleased with the excellent service provided by Dazzle, from answering questions and helping us schedule for a day and time that worked best for us, to the detailed and efficient work done by the team they sent. Cannot recommend them enough!”

Cayla Lambier

“We have used Dazzle twice now for house cleaning and have been so impressed with the service!
Melina and Abby helped us out today and the house looks amazing! We left to run some errands part way through and felt more than comfortable having them finish up without us there. Professional, super friendly, and they clearly knew what they were doing. I recommend Dazzle to everyone, it feels so nice to walk into a clean home! Goodness all around.”

Haley Rooney-Wilcox

“After the past year of working and living at home 24/7, my space was in serious need of a spring cleaning. Choosing Dazzle was a no brainer! Customer service is impeccable and I know their simple homemade cleaning solutions are safe for my family (plus they smell divine!). Leslie, Marlin and Katherine were so friendly, professional and efficient. They achieved in 3 hours what would have taken me 3 weeks. My house is literally sparkling. 10/10 I can’t recommend Dazzle cleaners enough.”

Emma Kilfoyle

“I just had our house deep cleaned by Maddie and Katherine, words can not express enough how fantastic and awesome they are! We have had a tough month as we had to let our younger puppy cross the rainbow bridge unexpectedly, had our hardwood floors replaced on two levels, and had surgery. Needless to say we have not been in the right mindset to clean up after the floors and after all of the above. Maddie and Katherine were a ray of sunshine and understood everything that we needed. They listened to everything but it was all about the extra touches they did. I was almost in tears after they left as before they came I was doing laundry and one of my favorite hoodies had the string come out of it. I left it on the bed for me to deal with later (that is never fun trying to rope the string through a hoodie) once they left I noticed the hoodie was folded neatly and the string was looped through the hoodie. No joke almost crying because of one less thing to worry about now and the genuine thought and hospitality behind that action is so considerate!! I used to work for Four Seasons and with them, it was all about the details and your team nails it! Please make sure to thank them again and we will be using you again for sure!”

Kevin Siegrist

“WOW – we were dazzled by DAZZLE! We were moving out of our townhouse and needed a solid clean, and their team helped us figure out the best (and more affordable) service for our needs. After 5 hours, we were AMAZED with how thorough and meticulous they were…the place literally looked like new and we couldn’t believe the attention to detail. Will definitely be using them again for future home cleanings. And, the most friendly, awesome customer service team!”

Julia Marino


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