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Table of Contents

Introduction to Perfect Pricing

Estimating Time

Estimating Time Based on Frequency & Service

Estimating Time Using Time Estimating Matrix

Estimating Time Based on Rooms

Adjusting Time Estimate Based on State of Home

Estimating Time Based on Cleaning Upgrades

Deep Clean Upgrade for Existing Recurring Clients

Pricing Laundry

Finding Hourly Rate


Estimating Move-out Cleans

Estimating Short Term Rentals

Calculating Price of Service

Calculate Price Using the Pricing Calculator

Calculate Price Using Maid Central Quoting Tool

Adding Scheduling Upgrades

Calculate Updated Rate for Returning & On-Demand Clients

Discounting Services & Promotions

Negotiating Price

Adding Additional Hours After a Job Has Already Begun

Dazzle Certified Pricing Specialist Exam

Certified Pricing Specialist

Once you complete this pricing module and you successfully pass the Certified Pricing Specialist Exam you will be a Dazzle Certified Pricing Specialist and you will receive a $100 bonus!