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Office Sanitization

office sanitization

Fogging is the best way to sanitize every surface in a space, and it’s safe for a variety of things like:

  • Electronics including phones, keyboards and other computer equipment.
  • Furniture
  • Shelving

In addition, Dazzle uses CDC approved, hospital grade fogging to sanitize all exposed surfaces in a given space.

Email us at Cleaned@DazzleCompany.com to get a quote for office sanitization, or call us at 1-800-214-1417 and set up service or just get some questions answered. 

Office Sanitization

In the battle against grime and germs, Good Housekeeping offers a few tips and tools of the trade in a systematic process to ensure a clean workspace:

  1. Clean workspaces of dust and allergens. Static draws dust to electronics, so use wipes made for electronics or a microfiber cloth to clean computer screens and discs.
  2. Clear your desk of items and wash the surface with an all-purpose cleaner, a vinegar-water mix or a disinfecting wipe.
  3. Turn your unplugged keyboard over a trash can and tap it to dislodge particles. Use compressed air for hard-to-reach areas below the keys and wipe the surface of the keys with an alcohol-dampened cotton ball. For unplugged laptops, use a brush or compressed air to carry out this task.
  4. Wipe down your phone, making sure to clean the receiver and the key pad.
  1. Clean your mouse and cell phone with an alcohol or disinfecting wipe.
  2. Make sanitizing your workspace easier in the future by purchasing a washable keyboard or a cordless mini-vacuum.
  3. Store your disinfecting supplies at your desk for fast and easy cleanups.


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