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Meet Our Staff

What do Our Employees Say?


Employee 1: I love working for Dazzle because I get weekends off, nights off, and I get paid really great and supported by a great management staff and boss. Logan, Gil and Caitlin, you guys rock!

Employee 2: I like working for Dazzle because I enjoy making everyone’s home sparkle. I appreciate everything that Logan stands for, and I love meeting new people, including the clients and my coworkers.

Logan: So there have been three years, which a lot has changed in three years. It has been very different even it is still. Like, I’m pretty sure I hired Elvira, and I was like, great, could you clean this house?

Employee 3: That’s what happened anyway!

Logan: That’s what happened anyway! Thank you so much!

Employee 3: Thank you. I’m happy working with you too. Thank you!

Employee 4: I’ve been working here for three years, and it’s one of the best companies that I work for. I’m very happy with Logan. We get really good benefits, good pay, and then it’s a great company to work with.

Employee 5: I love working for Dazzle Cleaning Company because Caitlin NGO always have my back when I need them.

Employee 6: And I love working for Dazzle because I can work independently, and I know all of my managers still have my back.

Employee 7: And I like working for Dazzle because it gives me a schedule that actually fits my lifestyle.

Employee 8: I enjoy working at Dazzle Cleaning because I feel appreciated as an employee because my well-being is always put first.

Employee 9: I love the Dazzle Company because it gives me the opportunity to make a positive impact in people’s lives. And I love everyone I work with!

Employee 10: In my country, we said people don’t live bad jobs, they live bad bosses. And our boss is amazing. So I’m very glad to be part of this team!

Logan: Hi, my name is Logan Taylor, and I’m the owner of the Dazzle Cleaning Company – the gayest cleaning company in America. One thing that I know for sure is that in order to have extremely happy clients, you need to have extremely happy cleaners. And that’s why I built my
business around our employees. And that’s part of the reason why we have such great!



Establishing Dazzle Cleaning, Cue The Blue, and CORE Seminars on the foundation of integrity, Logan Taylor is an altruistic thought leader who enjoys every moment of accentuating pipeline efficiencies, driving team unification, and supporting overall granular/societal reform. Powered by both passion and mission excellence, Logan brings with him an extensive professional background involving (but not limited to) the intricacies of multi-million-dollar business development, nonprofit scaling, progressive politics, and inspiring healthy mindset shifts. Even more, loves leveraging that cocktail of a history to not just exceed personal and professional objectives, but do so while also propelling various community initiatives forward along the way.

Throughout his career and life, Logan has built a large inventory of dynamic experiences that have collectively inspired him to break past societal molds and allow his entrepreneurial spirit to take the reins. To date, Logan is an avid political organizer for progressive politics including being the Founder of Cue The Blue, an organization that works to elect progressive Democrats in red and swing districts. In addition, is the President of the multi-million-dollar cleaning company Dazzle Cleaning that he grew from the ground up 7 years ago (locations in Seattle, Scottsdale and soon San Diego), and Founder of the CORE Seminars – a nonprofit dedicated to helping teens and adults increase communication skills and make healthier choices. During this time, Logan became heavily accredited for his communication skills, humanistic approaches, and proven performance-enhancing abilities that influence bar-raising organizational growth. But more notably, he is respected amongst his peers and community alike for his innate supportive nature, passion for meaningful change, and injecting the art of moral compass leadership through each progressive stage.

Overall, Logan has a genuine passion for translating community/business visions into tangible realities, all while ensuring everyone involved attains the cordial and constructive experiences they deserve. From offering rich mentorship to innovative growth accelerations, Logan loves positioning others for success and consistently demonstrates that by harvesting high-performing opportunities that unlock new leveled potential both in and outside of the business walls. That, in conjunction with his motivating energy and strong reputation for putting people over process, is what ultimately shaped Logan into an endorsed multi-disciplinary: one who is committed to instilling positive impacts that his team/stakeholders, present-day society, and future generations can mutually benefit from.

In the end, Logan has a strong appreciation for growth on both the professional and societal scales, values individuality and equality, and continuously remains updated with industry/political trends with the goal to help steer trajectories in all-around favorable directions. However, when Logan is not working or diving deep into politics, you can often find him running, reading, listening to NPR, traveling to sample new places and cultures, and of course, spending time with friends, family, and his favorite beagle, Patsy.


Terry Rice

Terry is the Co-CEO and Head of Business Operations at The Dazzle Cleaning Company and advocates for inclusive, sustainable, future-focused business practices. He is a builder and innovator with a background in a wide range of industries, including cruise ships, tech startups, management consulting, and even a stint with a local circus company. In his current role at The Dazzle Cleaning Company, Terry leads Client Services, Operations, Finance, and Human Resources. Terry came to The Dazzle Cleaning Company because of its focus on community, joy, and excellence.

terry rice
Chandra Cleaner You can catch Chandra playing some video games, or baking up something too delicious in her free time 🙂

AG loves to spend time with his family. He always down to shoot some hoops, or go get some Pho!


Executive Assistant
Jamie is a new mom with a beautiful baby and a zeal for organization!


Administrative & Marketing Assistant
Nickollii loves to make art out of any and everything. You’ll catch him with his nose in a good book, or out exploring nature.


Payroll & Benefits Manager
Caitlin loves Mexican food & Lizzo, but Lizzo more.


Scheduling Coordinator
Kevin enjoys the company of his kitties, and could always go for some Thai food. Playing on his Ninentdo Switch is something he cannot get enough of!

kevin cline

Employee Success Manager
Gio is a kind, generous, people loving soul, that enjoys going out to drag shows. You’ll also find him sewing together outfits of all kinds.

gio mojica

Lead Cleaner & Training Manager
Katie takes advantage of exploring nature through hiking different areas!

Eli spends his time further mastering the art of guitar and drums, while recording his practice to share with the world!

When not spiking a tennis ball, Elmer likes to whip up some Spanish dishes while enjoying True Crime podcasts, and some Korean dramas, too!

Grace is passionate about learning!

Reading science fiction is great, and better yet, Jay writes it too! You’ll also catch him playing video games and other games like D&D

jay cox

Mel is a huge animal lover. They have a pup, bird, and fish that they’re world revolves around, although they’ve always got time to stop by an aquarium to see all the gorgeous sealife.


Cleaner & Training Manager
Tina is going back to school in the future to learn more about sexuality, sexual health, and gender studies!

tina mcqueen

Vidal loves the show Faking It, so much so that he named his pup, Karma! You’ll catch him shootin some hoops, or vibing at rave. Don’t think he’s not down to watch Seinfield, or play some NBA2K though.