Deep Cleaning

Dazzle delivers thorough deep cleaning services for your Seattle home. Experience a renewed and spotless living environment with our comprehensive cleaning expertise.

Deep Cleaning Services in Seattle

Experience the transformative power of Dazzle’s Deep Cleaning Service. Whether you’re seeking a one-time deep clean or regular recurring maintenance, our expert team is here to ensure your living spaces are immaculate and refreshed. Deep cleaning goes beyond the surface, targeting hidden dirt and grime in often overlooked areas. Our tailored approach means we can focus on the areas that matter most to you, delivering a level of cleanliness that brings new life to your home. With Dazzle, you can trust that your space will always shine its brightest.


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For When Your House Calls for a Thorough Clean

Step into a refreshingly clean space. Don’t wait, Call us today to schedule your deep cleaning service with our specialists. Our dedicated team of highly trained cleaners is committed to making your life easier. Whatever the occasion may call for a deep cleaning, we bring your space to a whole new level. Get your free quote today!

When a Deep Clean Is Needed

One time cleans and first time cleans should typically be a Deep Clean. If you don’t want your one time or first time clean to be a Premium Deep Clean then you can choose an Express Clean. If your home is empty then you’re looking for a Move-in or Move-out clean.


What’s Included In Your Clean?

Choose between our Express Clean or Premium Deep Clean for your cleaning needs! Enhance your cleaning with Dazzle’s add-ons for a truly tailored experience that sparkles just the way you like it. Recurring cleaning for Express and Premium Deep vary—call for a personalized quote.

There are certain things that we are unable to clean due to safety, training, supplies, equipment, liability, insurance and/or insurance, and L&I Classification. These items include: Unloading the dishwasher, walls, exterior walls and windows, musical instruments, monitors/TVs, fireplaces, holiday decorations, litter boxes, chandeliers, light bulbs, bar carts, cheerio cabinets, grills, or BBQs, unfinished basements, garages, attics, and sheds. Dazzle does not clean up animal waste, bio-hazardous materials, mold, grout, or anything that can not be safely reached with a step stool and a 7-foot extension duster. We aren’t able to work in spaces with insect or rodent infestations.


Express Clean

Premium Clean

Trash Removal
Bed Making
Clean Baseboards
Cleaning Front of Appliances/Cabinets
Windowsills and Tracks
Light Fixtures/Switches
Ceiling Fans
Outside of Cabinets, Drawers, Shelves

Deep Clean FAQ

Deep cleaning is a thorough and comprehensive cleaning that targets hidden dirt and grime. It goes beyond regular cleaning and focuses on neglected areas and deep-seated dirt.

Deep cleaning is beneficial during various situations, such as moving in or out, after a party, before/after the holidays, and when you want to refresh your space. It’s also recommended for routine maintenance to keep your home at its best.

To schedule a deep cleaning service with Dazzle, simply contact us through our website or by phone. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and provide a customized quote.

Our Happy Customers

5 star rating

“I waited awhile to review because I wanted to try multiple services. This is the best cleaning company we have used. They do not cancel on you, are quick, and have consistent expectations. I am impressed every time. We did their quick clean, deep clean, and reoccurring scheduled cleaning. Their quick clean was great when we were about to have a big party and their deep clean was incredible. We just had the reoccurring clean and it helped us jump start our week without having to worry about cleaning.”

5 star rating

“I’ve been using Dazzle for over a few years now and they never disappoint! Communication is superb, level of detail for regular cleans and deep cleans is unreal. Great attitudes of all cleaners and they work so hard! I am constantly recommending Dazzle to anyone looking for reliable and highly professional cleaners!”

5 star rating

“Truly could not be happier with the service provided! We desperately needed a deep cleaning of our 2 bed, 1 bath house and every expectation was met and exceeded. The two cleaners that came were also so kind, gave us a gift for our first cleaning, and were super intentional about minding our space and the needs of our pets. Cannot say enough positive things about Dazzle. It’s icing on the rainbow cake to also support fellow queer folks! 5/5 recommend. Hire them. You won’t be disappointed!”

Dazzle’s Seattle Cleaning Services


Residential Cleaning

Dazzle provides both recurring and one-time residential cleaning services for your Seattle home.


Office Cleaning

Dazzle offers flexible commercial and office cleaning solutions in Seattle for a productive work environment.

Move-In-Move-Out Cleaning-Seattle

Move In/Move Out Cleaning

Whether you’re settling in or moving on, Dazzle simplifies your move with our cleaning services.

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