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Residential Cleaning Services in Seattle

residential cleaning in seattle

Recurring Cleaning Services Seattle

This is our most popular service, choose your preferred schedule and have us visit you every week, every other week, every six weeks, whatever you prefer. We will deep clean your kitchen and bathrooms and then complete our standard clean on the rest of your home. Recurring service allows us to rotate projects to keep your home sparkling! One-time home, residential cleaning is always available whether you live in an apartment, townhouse, or house.

Move In / Move Out Cleaning Services

Move in/ move out cleaning is a deep clean of your home including the inside of your refrigerator and oven as well as the inside of all cabinets and drawers. This service does not include windows and blinds.
house cleaning services
Bedroom Cleaning

Seasonal Deep Clean Services

This service is perfect for those who have recurring service, but like to have an extra thorough deep clean every season, those who do their own cleaning, but want a deep cleaning once every three months, and those who never use home cleaners, but have decided that they want a sparkling home without all of the scrubbing.

Cleaning Add-Ons

  • Walls
  • Oven and Refrigerator
  • Laundry
  • Grout Rejuvenation

Other Seattle House Cleaning Service

  • Post-Construction Clean
  • Boat Cleaning
  • Before/After Party Cleaning
  • Pre-Real Estate Picture Prep

Residential Cleaning feels so good!

It’s so wonderful to come home to a clean home after a long day at work. Don’t delay. Call us today and set up your quote with one of our specialists.

All we do is clean. Our highly trained and skilled cleaners are here to make your life easier. We can take your dirty kitchen, messy bedrooms and well-used bathrooms to a whole new level. Contact us today for your free quote.

Start enjoying life more!

House Cleaning Services FAQ

Our home cleaning service includes vacuuming, sweeping and mopping floors, dusting, and wiping down counters. We clean the kitchen, bathrooms, and other rooms in the house such as studies or playrooms. We offer additional add-on services like laundry, oven/fridge cleaning, as well as window cleaning.

Before a visit from Dazzle, we ask that you secure any fragile items, put pets away, and pick up toys, books, clothes, etc. If you have any special requests or concerns, please let us know and we’ll do our very best to accommodate them!

Yes! No need to provide any supplies, unless you have special requests. We will bring everything we need to provide you with an expectational house cleaning. Dazzle is an eco-friendly cleaning company, using only carbon-neutral products. You can learn more about green cleaning here.

Happy Customers

Annie W.
Yelp Review
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One of the great things about Dazzle is the consistently between cleaners. With our old cleaners, we hated when we had to have a new cleaner--there always seemed to be a few sessions where the house didn't get as clean until they got into their groove. With Dazzle, I can honestly say we can't tell the difference between cleaners--the house is sparkling every time. What we do very much appreciate is the friendliness and flexibility of the staff.
Jeremie A.
Facebook Review
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I have never paid anyone to clean for me, so I was very nervous when Kai and Carrera showed up for the first deep clean. I think I apologized for messes at least a dozen times. I am not really sure what I expected. They were here for approximately 4 hours. I don’t know if our house was this clean when we bought it. They were polite, efficient, and left our home looking better than I have ever seen it. I cannot recommend their services enough. The entire process was painless and the results blew me away. Deep grime on our cooktop and glass shower door (that I had spent hours on myself) was removed with seemingly no effort. I could not be more happy with the service and look forward to our next cleaning session! Thank you Kai and Carrera and Dazzle!
Molly O.
Google Reviews
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My place needed a lot of work initially, and Dazzle did an amazing job over two visits. Now I'm in maintenance mode and it's such a boost in my life to have wonderful Dazzle people come and make my home beautiful. They've been great about scheduling, and always a pleasure to work with. Dazzle is a game changer! Don't hesitate!
Joseph C.
Maid Central Reviews
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HI, I'm terrifically pleased! I had a few simple instructions for them which Mel and Barbara took care of well. They did a fabulous job on the apartment as a whole. It shines...So, thank you again, Mel and Barbara--and Dazzle, of course... Joseph (ps: I look forward to continuing to do business with you. Let me know how to proceed.)