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Dazzle Company Cares about Carbon Neutrality. We prioritize carbon neutrality and green cleaning methods to protect the environment. Learn more about our eco-friendly practices.

Our Beliefs on Green Cleaning and Sustainability

We genuinely believe that we can make your space cleaner than you have ever seen, and we can remain environmentally responsible while doing so. This is the moment where you smile excitedly and give an approving nod. Go ahead; we’ll wait.

Dazzle Company is all about making you- our clients- happy as a peach. The key to having satisfied clients is to make sure your team is happy first. Who wants to work with someone who is unhappy and does not care about the job? No one.

Being a green cleaning company means encouraging your team to walk the walk and talk the talk.

That leads us to our values: fast, friendly, flexible, reliable, accountable, trustworthy, socially & environmentally responsible—major emphasis on that last one.

Our Earth is a living, breathing organism that needs delicate attention and care. The only way to maintain the planet is to be environmentally responsible.

Every action we take affects our surroundings, and as a recurring house cleaning company, we have the opportunity to create major damage or turn the industry upside down.

We choose the latter.

We believe that every thought, intention, and action counts towards creating a better, cleaner, efficient world.

Keep reading to see how we do it.

What is Carbon Neutrality?

The Mystery Explained

You have probably heard it once or twice by now, maybe on the news or in a magazine article about sustainability. But you may be asking yourself, what the heck even is carbon neutrality?

Sit back, get comfy, and allow us to make it crystal clear. After all, we do enjoy making things clear- and clean.

Carbon (aka carbon dioxide) is a toxic greenhouse gas produced by burning fossil fuels and creating chemical reactions through processes like manufacturing or driving gas/diesel vehicles. As you can imagine, a massive chunk of our atmosphere’s pollution is carbon dioxide- a whopping 81%.

This type of gas becomes trapped in our atmosphere, and the only way to dissolve it is to wait for nature to run its course. Plants slowly absorb it to create oxygen in its place. What happens when we produce too much carbon? The answer is global warming and an ever-increasing ill environment.

Smart companies understand the importance of addressing this issue, and that is where carbon neutral comes in to play.

Here is a quick definition for you.

Carbon neutral means you remove the same amount of carbon dioxide you release. In math terms, it is like -1 + 1 = 0.

The mystery of carbon neutrality is not so mysterious after all.

Why Should You Care?

Your Kids and Grandkids Will Thank You

Did you know that approximately 6.2 billion pounds of chemicals are used in manufacturing traditional cleaning products? That is totally insane and completely unnecessary.

To make matters worse, approximately 70% of rivers in America contain various harmful, active ingredients found in not-so-eco-friendly laundry detergents. Just imagine how many of our precious water creatures fall victim to those chemicals.

The thought makes our Dazzle Company team sad, and we do not like being sad.

The same factories that produce tons of waste, use billions of chemicals, and harm our beloved wildlife? Oh yeah, they also produce a large carbon footprint that practically smothers the atmosphere.

Now, not to say they are the sole blame for global warming, rising of the tides, or whatever you wish to call it. Many factors contribute to excess carbon, but no matter the cause, you should still care.

Good people care about maintaining the planet.

Ethical people care about preserving life.

Wise people care about people.

Finding a way to reduce your carbon footprint will help create a better life for not only you but for your kids, grandkids, and future generations.

If that doesn’t motivate you, producing less carbon also means you get to save money by living a better lifestyle.

Now, saving money is one thing we can all agree on.

Benefits of Carbon Neutrality

Rewards Aplenty

First comes identifying carbon neutrality, and then comes understanding it. Everyone can reap the benefits of living a carbon-neutral life or operating a carbon-neutral business.

To keep you flowing along with us, this will be quick. You can benefit from being carbon neutral right now:

  • Substantial reduction in energy consumption
  • Decrease in toxic carbon dioxide emission
  • Improved energy efficiency of your space
  • Cleaner, greener living- feels good
  • Sustainability-focused critical thinking skills
  • Saves you money in the long run
  • Reduces costs in the long run

We could list a hundred more benefits of going carbon neutral, but those are the main ones we want to drive home.

How We Stay Eco-Friendly and Carbon Neutral

Lean, Green, Cleaning Machine

We pride ourselves on being a green cleaning company that is people-friendly, LGBTQIA-friendly, and eco-friendly. Call it a triple win.

As mentioned earlier, we take that extra step to make sure our housekeeping services are green, sustainable, and carbon neutral.

Dazzle has been focused on eco-friendly cleaning since we first opened. At first, we thought just using eco-friendly cleaning products would do the trick.

Later on, we found a bigger issue: carbon emissions from our supply chain. Using green products is great, but when getting those products creates another problem, they suddenly lose their luster.

That is why we decided to take green cleaning and sustainability into our own hands. We began making our own cleaners and strategically routing our supply chain to become more efficient.

Finally, we actually became carbon neutral. Here is a sneak peek at how we did it.

We first found ways to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible through research and analysis.

Cleaning supplies were swapped for homemade ones of water, mineral oil, baking soda, baking powder, and vinegar. Our bags are now compostable, and we use cleaning cloths instead of paper products.

Then we used a carbon calculator to determine how many forms of carbon our housekeeping services are still burning.

To up the ante, we partnered with MyClimate and the Tembea Youth Center for Sustainable Development to learn how we can offset our carbon emissions to reach neutrality. This turned out to be a powerful partnership.

Our Dazzle Company team learned from the best so we can take that knowledge and put it into action.

We are proud to have converted our business model into one that:

  • promotes carbon neutrality
  • minimizes supply chain emissions
  • uses its own eco-friendly products
  • fosters growth and steady change
  • builds a better world for us all
  • cleans your house safely and efficiently

Dazzle Company is leading the way in converting companies to a carbon-neutral business model. Contact us to gain knowledge and help with your sustainability efforts.

Let’s dazzle the world together.

Will You Join the Green Revolution?

It’s Time to Act

Hear us out.

It can be easy to ignore talk of carbon emission and write it off as quack-science when we do not feel as if our daily lives are affected by it.

If we are not constantly bombarded with the idea that something is wrong, we tend to get lost in our own little worlds and forget the bigger picture.

Trust us; there is always more than meets the eye.

Our planet will power on with or without us, but it’s better that it continues with us.

Action is the only way to create change, and there is no better time to act than now.

Besides, if not now, when?

Join the green revolution and choose awareness over passiveness.

Here are a few tips on how you can lower your carbon footprint and create a healthier environment for us all.

  • Eat more fruits, grains, veggies, and beans. Limit how much dairy and meat you consume because it contributes to approx. 14% of carbon emissions.
  • Buy local and organic items when you can.
  • Use reusable containers, straws, bags, etc. to minimize waste.
  • Instead of fast fashion, buy vintage or upcycled clothing. Visit your local consignment store if you have not already.
  • Use cold water for clothes washing. Hot water produces more carbon dioxide than you realize.
  • Partner with a green housekeeping services company (like Dazzle) to feel good about your space and how you spend your money.
  • Go for a laptop instead of a desktop. Desktops use more energy.
  • Buy from companies that you know are sustainable, environmentally responsible, and focused on a better future.
  • Swap your old light bulbs for energy-efficient LED bulbs.
  • Be more conscious of your home’s energy use.
  • Walk or ride a bike when possible to reduce carbon emission from your vehicle.
  • Use a carbon calculator to stay on top of your footprint and become aware of how much carbon dioxide your daily activities produce.


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