Logan Taylor on how Dazzle Works for the Planet, the Community, and its Employees


Dazzle Company founder Logan Taylor discusses what makes the company different from other cleaning companies. From our commitment to the planet through making our own cleaning products and purchasing carbon offsets to our work in the community through our Merry Fairies program, we know that a huge part of our values is our commitment to giving back.


If you’re at all curious about what makes The Dazzle Cleaning Company tick, take a few minutes to check this out and learn about our beliefs and values! You’ll know we’re a cut above the rest.


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What You’ll Learn


  • What steps we take to be a green company.
  • Why we believe it’s important to give back to the community.
  • How we’re committed to being a fantastic employer!





Transcript Below


Logan Taylor: Hey there! My name is Logan Taylor, and I am the president and founder of The Dazzle Cleaning Company in Seattle, Washington and Scottsdale, Arizona. So in Seattle we do home cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and office cleaning, and then in Scottsdale, AZ we just do home cleaning and office cleaning.


So, I started the company seven years ago, and I knew right away that I wanted to be the greenest cleaning company in Seattle. So, we made a big push on how to become green. So we started making all of our own cleaning products, and then we decided to… we wanted to become carbon neutral. So the way we wanted to become carbon neutral was to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible, and then to purchase carbon credits to offset all the additional carbon that we use, and that’s how we became a carbon neutral company. I think we’re one of the first…  we might, I don’t even know that I’ve seen another carbon neutral cleaning company. I hope that they’re out there and if they are, let me know, I’d love to chat with them.


So, after that we decided we really wanted to focus on being great partners in the community, and that’s when we started the Merry Fairies program which provides completely free cleaning to people who can’t clean their own home because of illness or injury, and also we clean for some local nonprofits free of charge. So we’re really happy we were able to do that for people in the community.


The next step was I really wanted to up our game on how we could be the very best employer. So, when I started I knew we wanted to be a cleaning company that could provide health insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, 401k… so it took a long time to get all those things implemented, but I knew it was really important to stay focused on that because the key to having really happy long-term clients is having really happy long-term cleaners. We really focus on making sure that our cleaners are really well taken care of and that’s why our clients are so happy and we have so many great 5-star reviews!


So, we started off really small, I actually borrowed a friend’s vacuum cleaner for the first place I cleaned because I lived in an apartment with hardwood floors and I didn’t have a vacuum cleaner, and we’ve built the company to over $2,000,000 in annual sales now, and because of that we are able to pay our employees $27 an hour for our full-time cleaners and offer Kaiser Permanente health insurance, which is excellent, as well as a whole bunch of other benefits. We love being the best cleaning company for our employees in Seattle, as well as the best cleaning company for our clients in Seattle. Those things go really well together. It’s hard to have one without having the other.


So that’s kinda what our trajectory has been, and that’s what has made us so successful. If you’d like to give us a try, check out our “Book Now” tab, or give us a call at 1-800-214-1417. We would absolutely love to make your home sparkle!

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