Curious about what makes us an amazing cleaning company? It’s our people! Meet Gio Mojica, our Cleaner Development Manager! Gio is just one member of the amazing and talented team we have at Dazzle Cleaning Company, where we take pride in our work and in supporting one another.


In this interview, you’ll get to know a little bit about Gio, what sets our organization apart, and why you should choose Dazzle Cleaning Company! When you support Dazzle, you support a local small business and all the folks that entails.


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What You’ll Learn –


  • What makes The Dazzle Cleaning Company stand out.
  • Why The Dazzle Cleaning Company is a great place to work!
  • How Dazzle is an inclusive, welcoming place for both clients and employees!





Transcript Below:


Logan: Hey there! My name is Logan Taylor, and I am the President and founder of The Dazzle Cleaning Company, and this is Gio Mojica, and he is the Dazzle Employee Development Manager. Actually, Cleaner Development Manager.


Gio: Cleaner Development Manager!


Logan: So Gio, how long have you been at The Dazzle Cleaning Company?


Gio: I started working at Dazzle back in September of 2018, so three years now.


Logan: All right! And, what did you do when you started?


Gio: Started off as a cleaner, then a few months later became a trainer, promoted to admin assistant, and now I am the Cleaner Development Manager.


Logan: Awesome! So what do you do as… well, not what do you do, what are you responsible for?


Gio: Making sure that I provide support to all the cleaners, making sure that they’re successful, I’m also in charge of making the office look as neat as possible, hiring folks, training the cleaners who are going to be training the new hires…


Logan: Training the trainers?


Gio: Training the trainers. I’m also in charge of providing feedback to the cleaners whenever… any type of feedback, I share that with the cleaners.


Logan: So you do coaching sessions?


Gio: Yes.


Logan: Awesome! And what is your favorite part about working at Dazzle Cleaning Company?


Gio: My favorite part… I would probably say getting to see all the cleaners when they stop into the office! I’m a big people person, I love to talk to folks, so whenever they do stop by that always cheers me up. Yeah, I love that!


Logan: Yeah, you’re a social butterfly. Who else is on the admin team with you?


Gio: We have an office assistant, her name is Vanessa, she also helps with making sure everything is fully stocked and ready for the cleaners. We also have three amazing folks that work in our Scottsdale office, Kevin, Jaslyn, and Bobby, we love them.


Logan: So they handle things like scheduling, sales, marketing, answering phones, payment processing, that sort of thing.


Gio: Yes.


Logan: And then you’re very hands on making sure the cleaners are… well basically we want to have the happiest cleaners in the industry. And that is what you spend a lot of your time doing.


Gio: Mmhmm.


Logan: Cool! And do you have any advice for anybody who might be thinking about becoming a cleaner at The Dazzle Cleaning Company The Gayest Cleaning Company in America?


Gio: My advice is, if you like to make money, if you have a sense of urgency, and, umm, you don’t mind hard work, you’ll thrive here. You will do really, really well. So, umm, my piece of advice is, if that’s you, apply!


Logan: It’s not an easy job, but it’s a great paying job! And of course you get benefits. And do you have anything to tell people who are thinking about booking service with Dazzle? Let’s say they’re looking for the very best cleaning company in Seattle or Scottsdale, what would you say to them?


Gio: I would absolutely encourage them to support a local business, a local LGBTQIA+ business, we are super diverse, we take pride in our work, the quality of our cleans shows after our cleaners head out of your house.


Logan: Totally. And what would you say if they are just a regular old straight person?


Gio: Ummm, give us your money still! We love everybody, we do not discriminate. We really do take pride in our work, so you will be satisfied, you will be a super happy Dazzle client no matter who you are, no matter how old you are.


Logan: And do we hire straight people?


Gio: Absolutely, we hire anyone that, again, takes pride in their work, is clean, I mean, not clean, quick, and umm, loves to make money!


Logan: Yes! Absolutely. Okay, so, Gio, where do you see yourself going with Dazzle?


Gio: I think the only thing above me is to become owner of The Dazzle Cleaning Company, so, umm, we’ll see.


Logan: We will see.


Both: [laugh]

Logan: Okay, so, we love you and we hope that you work here for a very, very long time.

Gio: I appreciate that!

Logan: Alright, thanks Gio!

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