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Thinking about scheduling work with The Dazzle Cleaning Company? In this video, our founder, Logan Taylor, gives you all the information you could need for making an informed decision about going with our cleaning services! From what our services entail, to what we will and won’t clean around your house, and more, this excellent overview of our company and policies will help you know right off the bat that you’re dealing with an experienced, transparent, and honest cleaning company! 

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What You’ll Learn

  • What our cleaning services entail.
  • How we bill our cleaning services.
  • Why we believe being upfront with our clients is best for business!

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Transcript Below:

Logan Taylor: Hey there! My name is Logan Taylor, and I’m the president and founder of The Dazzle Cleaning Company, “The Gayest Cleaning Company in America,” and we hope to be your absolute favorite cleaning service that you’ve ever had in your whole life!

So you are thinking about getting service with us. You have already received your quote most likely, and you’ll notice the quote has four different prices. There’s a price for an initial top to bottom deluxe deep cleaning, as well as a quote for weekly service, bi-weekly service, and monthly service. The reason why we’re giving you those four different quotes is because if you’re just having a one-time service, that means that your service is going to be an initial top-to-bottom deluxe deep cleaning, so you can’t just get a one-time weekly service because our deep cleaning services take about two to three times as long as a weekly cleaning to complete. So we can’t just do it one time and be able to get you the spectacular results that of course you want and that we want as well. And if you’re setting up weekly service, or bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning service, then what that means is that your first visit is that initial top to bottom deluxe deep cleaning, and then every visit after that is priced at the weekly visit or bi-weekly visit or monthly visit whatever frequency you’re hoping to have.

So what’s the difference between an initial top to bottom deluxe deep cleaning, and then a regular recurring maintenance cleaning? It is, um, they’re similar services but at that initial deep cleaning where it’s… we’re cleaning, it takes a lot longer, we’re using different sets of tools and we’re working at a different intensity. So that first visit is when we go through, and we’re scrubbing, getting rid of all of the soap scum and all the built up dust and grime, so it just takes a lot more effort and time and different supplies and equipment than we typically use.

So, for the initial deep cleaning, you can expect that we’re going to clean the tubs, toilets, sinks, showers, faucets, counters, floors… all that stuff that you would expect to be done at every visit. We’re also going to hand wash the fronts of all of the cabinets in the kitchen and the bathrooms, and we’re going to hand wash all your baseboards, molding, railings… we’ll get the vacuum attachment out and clean the vents. We’re also going to clean all of the window seals and edge the carpets. So, we have our edging tool, and we go around and get everything that’s in the, um, next to the wall, so that, you know, dog hair or whatever can get down there, we want to really make it pop, so we’re going to do a little bit more of those things. We’re going to do high and low dusting, and climb up on our two-step step ladder and clean light fixtures and ceiling fans that we can reach. This is a really… this is like a deep spring cleaning. This is, um, the  highest level cleaning service that we offer.

Now, what is not included in initial deep cleaning. The first thing that isn’t included is window panes, walls, steam cleaning the carpets or cleaning the blinds. You can add any of those to your service if you’d like. We also don’t have included in the service garages, attics, basements… anything that’s outside of your home including patio furniture or sheds. We’re only cleaning in your home. And we are not, um, moving furniture around, so we’re not cleaning under the sofa. I mean, we’ll take a vacuum extension and clean under the sofa, but we’re not picking it up, pulling it out, cleaning, and then moving things back there. And we’re not cleaning anything that we can’t reach with a two-step step ladder and a seven foot extension ladder. We’re not cleaning anything that is a biohazardous material, including litter boxes or molds, things like that. So, we don’t clean the inside of curio cabinets or china cabinets, um, just the outside. And we are not cleaning light bulbs, because i’m always scared that someone could break them and hurt themselves, and we don’t clean and we’re not completing laundry, unless you want to have laundry done, at which point we will do laundry. So, if you have anything on this list that I mentioned that isn’t included, if you think that that should be included in the cleaning service, then we need to have a conversation so that we can make sure that you’re super happy with your service, because we have dozens of employees and they’re trained really specifically on what we do, and so I want to make sure that you’re extremely happy. So, if you heard anything that is a red flag to you, or that you would expect from a cleaning service that I said we’re not gonna do, definitely have a conversation with us so that we can make sure that you’re really happy, or that you can use the different cleaning services if it’s not a fit.

Okay, now, um, we are going to… we probably already did give you a quote for your deep cleaning, and when you’re agreeing to service for your deep cleaning, you’re also agreeing to authorize an additional two hours of service at 50 dollars per hour. So, up and above your quote, you’re authorizing an additional one hundred dollars and two hours of service if we need it in order to be able to complete your service. Now, this is not something that happens very often, but most people are getting their quotes online, and ninety percent of the time that’s not a problem, every once in a while a job gets under booked for whatever reason and, something could be input incorrectly or you know, whatever, so when you’re agreeing to the service, you’re agreeing that we can add an additional two hours if necessary to make sure that your home is really, really sparkling clean. You’re also agreeing that, if the job is under booked for some reason, and even with that additional two hours and hundred dollars we still are not able to get your service completed to our expectation, and probably to your expectation, then we’re going to give you a call at the beginning of your appointment and we’re going to say “Hello Mrs. So-and-so, or Miss So-and-So or Mr So-and-so, um, we’ve been at your home for about 45 minutes and while we’re here we’ve learned that your home is a little bit outside of the bounds of what we consider to be a normal cleaning experience, and we’re going to either need to have a little bit more time authorized to make your home sparkle or we’re going to need to limit the scope of work, so would you like to buy a little bit more time today or would you like us to skip the downstairs bathroom?” or whatever, we’re gonna come to some kind of an agreement with you.

Now, the only time that this happens is if something has been, um, communicated in a way that is not something, like, something… it’s never because people are trying to, you know, cheat anybody or anything like that. What happens is people do an online form and sometimes they might get a little bit mixed up about how big their house is, or maybe when they did the form they didn’t have any dogs living in the house, and now they have their brother-in-law and his three labradors staying with them, and also their two children. You know, this really changes the nature of, um. how long it’s going to take us to clean your house. And so we are super sensitive to any changes that might occur, but we just want to let you know that if, um, we’re going, if it’s, you know, the job is just a different scope than what we initially agreed upon, we are going to call you and rework the, um, terms of the job, and we’ll do that as soon as we realize that there’s some kind of an issue that needs to be resolved.

Additionally, if you need to cancel your cleaning service, we ask that you cancel with 24 hours notice to avoid a $50 cancellation fee. And if we arrive at your appointment and we’re unable to get in because somebody forgot about the appointment, or they, whatever, didn’t hear the doorbell or whatever, we are going to call, text, and email you, and we’re going to wait for 30 minutes to try to get into your home. If we’re unable to get into your home in 30 minutes, then that cleaning service won’t happen, and we’re going to charge you half the amount of whatever that job was scheduled to be at. So if your job was scheduled for $250 dollars, we’ll wait for, um, 30 minutes and then we’re going to charge you a $125 lockout fee and give that lockout fee directly to your cleaners and send them on their way, because we don’t want our cleaners to be, you know, not being paid for their work.

The next thing is that, if you want a lock box, we’re happy to give you one. Some people find that it’s a, you know, it’s hard to remember that they’re having a cleaning service every other Tuesday or whatever, so we can send you a lockbox and you can put a key in it on the days that we’re scheduled to clean your home. These lockboxes, just let us know you want one and we will send it to you and charge $25 to the credit card you have on file, which is the cost of the lock boxes if you want us to do that. Just let us know, we’re super happy to do that, and if you cancel your, let’s say you have weekly service and you’re skipping a visit, your next visit is going to be charged at the bi-weekly rate and we’re going to add extra time because we’re going to need more time because it’s been two weeks since we’ve been at your house, and if you normally have service every two weeks and you skip one visit, then we’re going to have your next cleaning service be billed at the monthly rate, because we’re gonna give extra time so that we can make sure that your home is always sparkling clean.

That’s why we give you the quotes for everything right away, so you already see what all of your pricing is.

Dazzle Cleaning employees are the heartbeat of this company, and they’re the VIPs of the company, and I love them and we work really hard to find the most talented staff, and we’re really protective about keeping our staff. So Dazzle Cleaners are not available for outside work, so you can’t ask them to come and help you move or clean your mom’s house or whatever. Any job you want them to do has to be, um, worked through the office. So please don’t contact your cleaner, ask them for their phone number, any personal information. That is very much not allowed. If a Dazzle Cleaner lets us know that anybody was, um, attempting to work with them outside of working through us at the office, then we will no longer work with that client, and the cleaner gets a cash bonus and a day paid off of work for, um, making sure that they’re letting us know what, um, people are wanting. Which does not happen often, but occasionally, and so we just like to put that out there so that everybody’s aware that Dazzle Cleaners are only available to clean for us. Okay, so, we love cleaning for you, so keep having them, keep using them through us.

The next part is, uh, scheduling. So, in order to keep our prices competitive and to minimize our carbon footprint, we will give you start windows. So, the first job of the day is an eight to nine start window, and that one’s easy because it’s there, you know, we’re not dealing with jobs before yours, so we can do, um, a clearer start window. But for jobs that are later in the day, if it’s a second or a third job, we are only giving, um, broad windows of, um, start time so when you receive a text message that says we’ll be at your home at, uh, 12 noon, that means that it’s a 12, um, it’s a, it’s a start window. So we’re trying to account for traffic and other surprises and additional things that may have come up at the job before yours. So it doesn’t mean they’re going to be there at 12, they could be there before 12, they could be there after 12. if you need to have a specific time let us know so that we can make sure that we’re getting you exactly what you want, because we want to be the best cleaning service and we want you to think we’re the best cleaning service, and we want you to be happy that you chose us to be your cleaning service.

If you have any questions please let us know. Give us a call or email us at cleaned@dazzlecompany.com, and if you have anything you want to talk to me about you can email me at logan, l-o-g-a-n, at dazzlecompany.com (logan@dazzlecompany.com) and if you are thinking about buying or selling your home, you may want to use The Dazzle Real Estate Group, which, um, when you are choosing to list your home with us, because we’re a cleaning company, included in our service is doing the top to bottom deluxe deep cleaning and the interior and exterior window washing and steam cleaning all your carpets and cleaning, uh, the tile and grout. So keep us in mind for your real estate services and when you do, um, a real estate transaction with those you work directly with me, um, so I mean sometimes someone on my team is helping, but it’s mostly me. So if you have any questions about that, let me know as well!

Alright, thank you so much!

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