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Dazzle is a Seattle-based company that provides cleaning services all over the region. Our cleaning services are both commercial and residential, so if you want to get your house or office cleaned, we are the right choice. If you’re also looking for cleaning jobs, then Dazzle is also here for you.

Dazzle is a culturally diverse, sustainable and inclusive organization with opportunities for all. Our employees are not just people who work for us, they are like family. We are a well-knit community of diverse communities striving for equality in the workforce.

Not only do we hire our employees, but we also offer training to them. You can now work with us and earn well to support yourself and your family.

Just visualize walking into your freshly cleaned house and seeing the new condition of your home. A clean space has scientifically been proven to make a person feel content, and when you walk in, you’ll know that we were there.

Our company, Dazzle, is a professional cleaning service, and we have trained experts working for us who will make your home neat and shiny so you can live comfortably and do what you want with ease.

We Plant A Tree for Every Review We Get

We are a carbon-neutral company. A Carbon neutral company is a company that ensures that it is removing as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as it is producing, and our company cares for the environment.

Delighted Customers

The founder of the Dazzle cleaning company, Logan Taylor, believes the best way to have loyal and happy customers is to have passionate workers who love their job, and that is the reason why he has built his company around ensuring that his workers are the most satisfied and best-paid in the industry. The mentality and planning of Logan Taylor have made both his customers and employees happy, which has resulted in a massive success for the company.

Our work has impressed thousands of customers, which is why we have so many positive reviews online. We are proud to have such a solid and loyal customer base built through the consistency and quality of our services. The number one priority of any business is to satisfy its customers, and we here at Dazzle take it very seriously. Our employees are highly motivated and trained to work, so you shall never find any fault in our services. Our company also provides cleaning services at very reasonable rates.

Our services are detailed yet flexible; we can work according to your time and choice, whether it’s the exterior parts of the house that require cleaning, the interior or both. We will ensure our customers are satisfied and happy, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Community Involvement

At Dazzle, we care greatly about our community and contribute to it in many ways. We plant a tree for every review we get and donate to the homeless. Our organization revolves around serving the entire society in every way possible. Our team is enthusiastic about participating in such ventures, and we continue taking similar initiatives. The Seattle Community matters greatly to us, and we avoid any actions that may harm society. Not only are we inclusive and diverse, but we care about the environment deep within our hearts.

Perfect Pricing

In these times of economic downfalls and high inflation, one of the things that alarm people when trying to get a home service is the price. Yet, with Dazzle cleaning services, you can get high-quality cleaning services at very reasonable rates. Our work and services are guaranteed, and if in any case, a customer is not satisfied with our work, they can let us know within the first 24 hours, and our employees will come and fix what you want.

Happy Employees

Our employees are one the best paid in the cleaning industry. We make sure that our workers are passionate and happy with their jobs. Our employees also enjoy other great benefits such as dental insurance and paid leaves. Happy employees lead to good work, which also leads to satisfied customers.

When compared to unhappy workers, productivity increases dramatically.

Many research studies have amply demonstrated the connection between employee performance, engagement, and happiness.

More engaged workers are happier workers. Also, employees that are engaged at work are more productive and absent from work less frequently.

A healthy workplace is essential. It promotes employee relationships, enhances personal well-being, and ultimately boosts productivity. Improved working relationships promote employee creativity and problem-solving skills while expanding their resources and abilities.

A sense of belonging at work is crucial. Employees can overcome obstacles and challenges more when they feel that their coworkers and managers genuinely care about them at the workplace and home. Employee happiness reduces stress. Excessive stress levels can cause various mental and physical issues, including increased employee absenteeism. Happier employees are more likely to arrive on time for work, which keeps the quality of your workplace culture high.

Green Cleaning

We emphasize using environmentally friendly products whenever possible, and our company uses mostly green cleaning practices as we care about the planet and the environment. We all seem to be aware of what the word “eco-friendly” means. The globe has developed into a global community where the spread of diseases, disasters, and pollution is at its highest level. It is vitally important to protect the environment and all of its inhabitants in this kind of upheaval.

We have lost sight of the fact that, as creatures of Mother Nature and inhabitants of the planet, we must maintain the environment and keep the earth safe. These problems have intensified, but in contrast, the idea of being eco-friendly or moving in that direction has advanced.

Becoming eco-friendly is primarily about sustainability. Making the globe sustainable can be fantastic because it is tainted with pollution and toxic elements.

Your productivity will increase by using eco-friendly items because they are more effective and efficient. They serve as the cornerstone of going green and, for once, saving the environment. For that matter, eco-friendly items assure you of a healthier way of living. Also, it will help the environment, which will benefit you and your community in a number of ways.

Cultural Diversity

Dazzle is a culturally gay and diverse company; we are proud to have a diverse range of people working for us. We happily accept people for who they are and embrace the diversity in today’s world. The diversity of the planet is natural. There are numerous advantages to embracing diverse cultures with an attitude and behaviors that adopt this reality, including:

Compassion: Communication and understanding differences foster greater compassion instead of passing judgment.

Innovative Thinking: Many viewpoints and lenses of observation aid innovative thinking.

Productivity: Individuals who collaborate and add their working styles to the table tend to make for more effective teams.

New Opportunities: Diversity makes it possible for ideas that could not have otherwise been combined and for new possibilities to arise.

Problem-Solving: Because challenges come in many different forms, having people from various backgrounds helps improve problem-solving and increase the diversity of viewpoints.

Benefits of Working At Dazzle

As our employees tell you in this video, they love working at Dazzle! If you are looking for cleaning jobs at Dazzle, we will explain why you should consider joining us.

At Dazzle, we take great pride in who we are and our work. Our sustainable, inclusive, and diverse community is only growing, and you can join us to experience the best. Not only are we a company with outstanding services, but we also provide the best working environment to our employees. We are not just a team or a group of people that work together; at Dazzle we care for each other. Our company operates as a family unit and provides our employees with the best packages out there.

We have employees from diverse backgrounds; all communities are equally important and deserve equal opportunities. Working with Dazzle has the following incentives for all.

Full-time Dazzle Cleaners make $28 per hour.

Yes, our employees receive $28 per hour, an excellent salary for cleaning workers in Seattle. Our staff does not only get a great wage rate but also multiple other benefits such as insurance packages, paid leaves and bonuses in numerous forms.

Dazzle is where you want to be if you are looking for a diverse, inclusive and professional work environment with no issues.

They get a 401(k) with 3% company matching

401(k)s are an excellent way for employees to reduce the tax burden and save for retirement. You are not only secure for your present but also for the future.

Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance

Yes, we also offer health insurance to all employees. We care extensively about our employees and their well-being. If they face any health issues, they are covered by Dazzle.

Delta Dental Coverage

Our employees are always smiling and we always offer them dental coverage to maintain their lovely smiles.

Life Insurance

Our employees receive life insurance in their packages as well. It is to ensure that their loved ones are covered during difficult times that befall their family.

2 Weeks Paid Time Off The First Year

Yes, if you need time off, you can take two weeks off in your first year without any trouble. Don’t worry, as Dazzle has got your back. We will stand by you through your highs and your lows.

3 Weeks Paid Time Off the Second Year

Similarly, you can take three up to three weeks off with pay if you are in your second year.

Room for Advancement

If you are starting at one position with us, you don’t necessarily have to be limited to that position. You can move up the position ladder at Dazzle with devotion, hard work, and excellent results. Your effort is noticed at Dazzle, and that is why there are always openings for promotion.

Bonuses and Tips

Holiday bonuses and tips from customers are a few other perks of working at Dazzle.

Extra Pay for Training

Are you paying for training? No? At Dazzle, we pay you for taking part in our training program.

Birthdays are off (and paid)

Your birthday is one of the most important days of your life. It is a day of happiness to share with your loved ones. At Dazzle, we completely understand the significance and give our employees a day off with pay. Consider it a birthday gift from us to you!

Dazzle is not just a workplace or a company. It is much more than that. We are the people that make us, and our employees are of utmost importance to us. No one ever feels excluded at Dazzle; we are only going upward and onward. Our employees are the backbone of our company, and we treat them with the best compensation packages.

Cleaning Jobs Near Me

If you are looking for a well-paying job in Seattle, why not come to Dazzle? No other cleaning job will pay you as well as we do, and you will find a family with us. The well-being of the LGBTQ+ community is of utmost importance to us, and we wish to create a better world with our services.

Not only do we dazzle our customer’s homes but also their lives. We take great pride in our culturally diverse and inclusive norms. Join us now to be a part of this unique experience and meet some fantastic folks.

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