Kitchen Cleaning can be a daunting endeavor. With such a large space to cover it’s easy to pass by some of the finer details in the cleaning process. By cleaning things that are harder to get to (like behind your refrigerator), not only will your kitchen look better but it can transform this space into something to be truly proud of.

You can’t enjoy cooking in your kitchen if it’s not clean. A cluttered cabinet, a dirty refrigerator top, and an oven that smokes every time you use it are frustrating, to say the least. With a step-by-step tutorial, you can make your kitchen sparkle like new again.

Setting the Atmosphere

When you’re looking to clean, put on something that will make the time fly by. Put on your favorite music or an audiobook while you work. This will create a more pleasant environment and make this grueling task a breeze.

The Tools of Successful Kitchen Cleaning

It’s important to have all the proper tools and cleaning supplies to make your kitchen dazzle. This list will be everything you need to make that kitchen sparkle.

  • Cleaning cloths
  • Sponges
  • Small bucket with handle
  • Dust mop (preferably with a long handle)
  • Stepladder
  • Vacuum with attachment
  • Shelf or cabinet liner and drawer dividers
  • Oven cleaner
  • Broom and mop or towel
  • All-purpose cleaner, dish soap, or mild cleaner of choice

Start With a Quick Declutter and Tidy up

When you’re ready to begin, start with the clutter and dirty dishes, it will give you some room for the more intense cleaning projects. Don’t worry about the floors just yet.

Scour Those Walls

To give your space a fresh look, dust the ceiling and the corners of the walls from top to bottom. A dust mop is necessary for reaching high spots. The walls in this room will likely need to be washed more often than others.

Make sure you spot clean all the dirt spots on your walls. Vents, doorknobs, and door frames are also worthy of a quick wipe down. When you use your hand mixer or blender it can slosh goop all over the wall or floors. Clean up any grease stains from spills and make sure there isn’t anything else caked onto these important surfaces.

Wash the Windows and Clean the Curtains

Washing your draperies, curtains, and blinds is a great way to keep them clean. Just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Vacuum and clean the windowsills and the corners. Wash inside as well as outside of your kitchen windows to make them pristine again.

Cleaning the Oven and Clearing Out Your Refrigerator

It’s time to tackle some of the more demanding jobs. Start by applying your oven cleaner on the more troublesome spots. Let the cleaner soak in while you clear out any old food and condiments from the refrigerator. Store anything you’re going to keep on the counter.

It’s time to take out the shelves and drawers from your fridge. Give them a good scrubbing before you put everything back in place. Buy a box of baking soda and leave it on a shelf, or else those lingering odors will continue to give off an unpleasant scent.

Once the fridge is done, return to your oven and wipe away any grease or residue. Follow the instructions for cleaning for the best results.

Cleaning the Stove

When it comes to cleaning the stove, it’s best to take off the knobs and burners among other things. Follow the owner’s manual to make sure you don’t use any products that could damage the appliance. If you don’t have it this information can easily be obtained online just search the make and model. Some kitchens have a stovetop that can be lifted up for easy access to spills and crumbs. You should wipe down the entire surface, including electric burners as well.

Polish the Appliances

Make sure you unplug any appliances before cleaning them. Wipe down things like your toaster, microwave, blender, and anything else that gets neglected. To clean up lingering messes in the microwave, fill a bowl with water and bring it to a boil. The steam will loosen any residue left over by fossilized spills so you can wash out your microwave properly. If you notice an acrid smell coming from your microwave, try boiling some fresh lemon juice in it. Once that’s done make sure that you clean the turntable thoroughly with soap and hot water.

Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers

When you’re looking to give your kitchen a major makeover, take out everything in your cabinets. You’ll be surprised what kind of crumbs you’ll find lingering in corners. If needed toss out any mismatched bowls/lids. You can gain a lot of storage space by taking out the items you don’t use on an everyday basis.

Reorganize and wash down the inside of your cabinets as well as the outside, this will make more room for those things that are important. Wipe down your drawers and organize all of the flatware in them. This is a perfect opportunity to install drawer dividers that will help you keep everything nice and tidy.

Clean Your Countertops and the Sink

Wash all the countertops in your kitchen. Don’t forget to clean things that can be neglected like your backsplashes. If you have a garbage disposal, you can pour baking soda down the drain with warm water or even lemon peel. It will freshen things up and get rid of any unpleasant odors. To keep your disposal running smoothly, put ice cubes through it. This will sharpen the blades.

Lastly, Sweep and Mop the Floors

You’re almost done, make sure your floors are swept thoroughly and mopped vigorously. After this step, your kitchen should look sparkling and new.

Why go Through the Hassle?

If this sounds like a lot of work it’s because it is? Why not put your worries to rest and leave them to the professionals at Dazzle Cleaning. At Dazzle Cleaning, we love to clean, and we do it with style. Our dedicated employees will leave your space sparkling, and our services are always backed by our Perfect Pricing Guarantee. You’ll feel good hiring us, not only because of our high-quality service but also because of our commitment to improving our community.

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