Bedroom cleaning can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Hiring a cleaning service to transform your bedroom into a pristine place of solace is the best way to find some much-needed peace. With our step-by-step process, you can have the bedroom you deserve and the rest you need.

A Clean Bedroom is a Healthy One

A cluttered bedroom is a mess, but it can also make everyday life stressful and uncomfortable. Imagine how good you would feel if all your worries melted away when you closed the door to sleep?
A well-organized space in which one feels comfortable relaxing at night encourages physical and mental health.

It’s the last thing you want to do in your bedroom, but a few simple housekeeping tasks can make the difference. Allowing yourself some time for self-care and relaxation will leave you feeling calm. After this, any day ahead is more likely to be productive than stressful.

By breaking down your bedroom cleaning tasks into quick and easy steps, you can spend more time relaxing without worrying about the mess. This list will help ensure everything gets done efficiently, so there’s no stress.

Keep Your Curtains and Light Fixtures Dust Free

When cleaning any room it’s important to start from the top. Curtains, lamps, and light fixtures need dusting too. It’s incredible how much dirt can accumulate on furniture in just one day. Make sure to vacuum or dust these fixtures. This will ensure your bedroom’s air quality and allergen levels are at their best. Vacuuming will help eliminate any dirt, particles (like pollen), or pet dander that could trigger allergies.

Take Out the Trash

To make your bedroom as clean and tidy as possible, start with the small stuff. A wastebasket will keep your bedroom nice and neat. When done with your trash, don’t forget to take out any recyclables. They must go in the proper recycling bin. When it’s time to empty your wastebasket, keep some extra liners at the bottom of the wastebasket so you can keep up on the trash.

Dirty Clothes Belong in the Hamper

Find your floor by picking up any articles of dirty clothing and placing them in a hamper. You can also fit an open bin into the closet. That way, it’s easier during rushed mornings when tempted to drop clothes on our floors.

Organize and Put Away Your Clean Clothes

Have you started your laundry yet? Take some time to fold and put away any clean clothes lying around. Hanging clothes in your bedroom closet is a great way to keep them organized and improve the flow of finding an outfit each morning. By facing same-sided hangers, you’ll be able to pick out what’s best suited for any given occasion with just one look.

Keep Your Bed Nice and Clean

Keep your bedding clean by washing it every week or two. Take the time to strip off all sheets, comforters, and pillowcases, and then wash them thoroughly. If you have a duvet cover, the comforter can be cleaned occasionally, but it’s unnecessary to include it in the laundry each time you wash your bed linens.

Clear Out the Clutter

We all have those little things that we keep on our shelves and dressers. If you find yourself with a pile of stuff gathered over time, it’s worth taking the extra few minutes to put everything back. It’s not always easy to remember what we put down. If you frequently pick up keys, apply cosmetics, or choose jewelry, consider creating an organization system for these often-used items. An easy-to-use tray or box is the best way to keep your jewelry from getting lost in the mix. They’re perfect for storing bangles and necklaces while also providing somewhere safe where you can hold all those earrings when they aren’t in use. A craft store generally has these types of organizational boxes for sale.

Make Your Surfaces Shine

The next step in creating an organized bedroom is to wipe down all surfaces with a dusting spray, glass cleaner, or antibacterial wipes. This will help you avoid bacteria and germs that can live on your bedside table or other surfaces. Attention to the small details can make a huge difference in your home. For instance, you should wipe down tables and leave them cleaner than when you found them. Also, keep a close eye on furniture with unfinished wood or metal frames: these are prone to collecting dust bunnies. If your dresser gets stained with watermarks use vaseline and watch them disappear. Let it sit for a couple of hours and then rub clean.

Wipe Down Windows and Mirrors

Sleep better at night with a view of the stars through your window. All you have to do is wipe it down now and then, ensuring that there are no smudges or scratches. Don’t forget about giving your mirrors a good wipe down. If you have young kids or dogs in the house, be sure to check for smudges in low-lying areas.

Vacuum or Sweep the Floors

If you want your bedroom to be spotless from top to bottom, the floors are a must. Vacuum any rugs before sweeping and mopping. Vacuuming is a great way to get the dust bunnies out of your carpeted bedrooms. Save mopping for when you need it most. When cleaning under your bed, find a vacuum that can reach underneath. In addition, move any lightweight furniture outside its usual place. If there is not enough space in the bedroom, put it outside the room to ensure all surfaces are clean before returning them home.

Give Your Bedroom Cleaning the Dazzle Difference!

If this sounds like a lot of work, it’s because it is. At Dazzle Cleaning, we love to clean, and we do it with style. Our dedicated employees will leave your space sparkling, and our Perfect Pricing Guarantee always backs our services. You’ll feel good hiring us, not only because of our high-quality service but also because of our commitment to improving our community. To see the Dazzle difference, book an appointment with us today!

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