Bathroom cleaning can be a constant battle if you don’t have a solid plan. Trying to keep your bathroom clean can be an overwhelming task. There are stains on the floor, molding in places you don’t want it, and dirt build-up that seems impossible to keep up with.

We are so distracted by our daily tasks that we barely have the time to care for ourselves. We rush through showering, brushing our teeth, and combing our hair before running out the door in an attempt not to be late for whatever appointment or meeting we have scheduled for the day.

When you have a shared bathroom, it’s easy to forget about keeping the place clean. Hair products and makeup can pile up on your countertops without anyone realizing it.

The good news is we’re here with some tips from the experts. Read on and let us show you how easy this daunting task can be.

Bathroom Cleaning Will Reliably De-Clutter the Space

The first step in cleaning your bathroom is decluttering. When you have dirty laundry on the floor and piles of products on the counter everywhere, it’s impossible even to start. Grabbing the trash bag and throwing away any expired products or other junk will make your bathroom much cleaner.

Decluttering the bathroom is one of those tasks that seem like it should be easy but somehow ends up being difficult. So don’t give in! Come up with some storage solutions for your junk before this happens again. Make sure to keep an eye on how much stuff you’re storing.

Are you running low on space in your bathroom? It might be time to consider eliminating unused items and making more room. Investing in things like a laundry basket or even installing a medicine cabinet when storage needs increase will keep your bathroom organized and tidy.

Remember to Empty Your Bathroom Trash

Do you want to keep your bathroom clean and organized? Make sure that trash is disposed of regularly. It’s easy to forget about the litter in your bathroom. So, set up a schedule for taking it out rather than just doing so when you remember.

Bathroom Cleaning Will Make Those Floors Sparkle

Keeping your floors clean is not only crucial for hygiene but also to prevent the spread of bacteria. To give them a deep clean, you should sweep and mop or vacuum periodically to maintain the cleanliness of your floors.

Do you have a tile floor? If so, make sure to clean the grout between each of your tiles and mop until they shine. Most people have bath mats or rugs in their bathrooms. Wash them periodically because bacteria can accumulate on these items.

If you want to keep your bathtub or shower clean but don’t have time for deep cleans every few months, then a gentle daily cleanser is perfect.

Keep That Toilet Looking Spotless

The job of cleaning a toilet is not one that anyone looks forward to, but it’s necessary nonetheless. We all have moments where we need some help in this area, and there’s no shame in admitting defeat by hiring someone else for the task if necessary.

Keeping your toilet clean is no easy feat. But with these steps, you can maintain a healthy, fresh-smelling bathroom all day long.

  1. Clean the inside of the bowl – Using your preferred cleaner (or baking soda for a more natural clean), scrub the inside of the bowl with a toilet brush.
  2. Clean the outside of the bowl – Also, choose a preferred cleaner (or a solution of equal parts water and vinegar); thoroughly clean the outside with a rag or paper towel.
  3. Use disinfecting wipes – Keep some pre-moistened disinfecting wipes to maintain the cleanliness of the bowl’s exterior.
  4. Invest in permanent solutions – Clip-on cleaners that activate with each flush and toilet tablets you drop in the tank will ensure your toilet stays cleaner longer.
  5. Clean your toilet brush regularly – It’s a no-brainer, but many people don’t clean the toilet brush. If you’re using a dirty toilet brush, it makes it much more challenging to clean your toilet bowl.

Make Those Mirrors, Sinks, and Counters Shine

Over time your bathroom countertops and sink get dirty. In addition, without proper maintenance, your bathroom mirror will look grimy and gross as well. Keep your bathroom spotless by adding a counter, sink and mirror cleaning into the routine. This task is more accessible after you’ve decluttered when everything has its place.

Keep the Dust at Bay

One final thing to add to your bathroom cleaning routine is dusting. The particles from everyday life can make you sick if they’re not taken care of, so get that duster out. Dusting is a great way to keep your bathroom looking spic-and-span. Whether you’re just dustin’ the back of your toilet or the shelves for all those beauty products, this task can be accomplished with ease when done right.

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