A germy home can compromise your health. This is why house-cleaning is one of the most important aspects of the preservation of your well-being. You can handle house cleaning by yourself or you can hire a Seattle cleaning company to do it for you.

There are certain spots around your home that attracts more germs than others. If you are not careful, you might find yourself in a bacteria-filled environment that could possibly make you sick. Here is a list of the items in your home to pay special attention to:

Toothbrush Holder

Your toothbrush holder can be compromised because of its proximity to the toilet. Studies have shown that these items can sometimes be contaminated by faecal matter. This is why it is important to wash your toothbrush holder regularly. Scrub it with soap and water each week and ensure that you practice proper hygiene such as washing your hands after using the toilet.

Stove Control Knobs

You handle your stove knobs while cooking, which means that you might be transferring bacteria from raw meat and other food items. If left uncleaned, you are dealing with a very germy knob. The best thing to do is clean it when you are done cooking. You can keep a solution of vinegar and water to wipe the knobs thoroughly and disinfect them.

Cutting Board

When you use your cutting board to cut meat, you need to wash it thoroughly afterwards. This is sometimes not done properly and this results in a bacteria-contaminated board. Give your cutting board a good scrub after use. It is best if you use warm water along with the soap to kill germs.

Kitchen Sponge

Sponges are porous items. Hence, they tend to be a good breeding area for bacteria. Each time you wash your dishes, the particles soak into the sponge and if not washed properly, you might be using a bacteria-filled sponge to clean your dishes. This is why dish cloths are a better alternative. However, many of us just prefer to use our sponges. If you want to keep using your sponge, it is best to wash it thoroughly after each use with warm water. You should also store it in a solution of water and bleach to kill germs.

Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink needs to be disinfected after each use. The sink comes into contact with food particles of all kind and so it is one of the most impure areas in the home. Disinfect the sink by scrubbing it with baking soda after using it and rinsing with warm water. You can also try using a strong disinfectant from the store for the job.

It takes a lot of work to keep your home germ-free. The 5 things listed above are some of the most germ-filled items within your household. However, there is a long list of other items that can attract germs too. This is why house cleaning is a never-ending task. In order to ensure that your environment is healthy, it is best to hire the pros to handle the cleaning for you. Contact a cleaning company in Seattle to get help with your house cleaning today.

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