Here are the 3 things to look for when choosing a Seattle Maid Service:

1. Are they going to do a great job every time?

When choosing a cleaning company most of us want to be sure that we are hiring a cleaning service that is fast, friendly, flexible and reliable and who we know will consistently do a great job.

Read online reviews from sites who verify reviews such as

The reviews should be mostly positive. If they are bad reviews is it because the client was asking for a service that the company doesn’t provide or is it because the home was not cleaned well? How does the business deal with bad reviews?

2. Do they use green cleaning products and practices?

Many of us want to hire a green cleaning company because the health of ourselves, our family, our pets, our cleaners and our environment is important to us.

Does the company use mostly biodegradable cleaning products? Do they reduce the amount of plastic that they use by choosing biodegradable bags over plastic bags? Do they reuse plastic bottles as many times as possible before recycling them? Do they use fresh cleaning clothes over paper towels? Do they have a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint? Do they do something to offset carbon emissions.

3. Do they hire and train employees or do they dispatch independent contractors who they are legally unable to train or manage?

It’s important that the maid service that you choose is a company who hires and trains their employees. Some companies, such as HandyBook, do not hire and train their cleaners. Instead they make all of their cleaners independent contractors. This results in bad service and low reviews because they are legally unable to train and manage the cleaners. It is also unethical because they are avoiding paying payroll taxes. It is exploitation of low wage workers. However, it is cheaper to hire a company that only has independent contractors because they pass the savings of avoiding taxes on to the consumer, at least partially.

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