How Our Merry Fairies Program Helps Those In Need!

Logan Taylor explains how our company is in a unique position to give back to our community! Through out Merry Fairies program, we help non-profit organizations and local community members who may struggle with home upkeep to enjoy a professionally cleaned home.

We love our community and know that we have a unique skillset that can help people out! That’s why we believe in this program and what it can do for those in need.

Questions? Let us know! Visit us online and learn more about our services, our values, and how to get in touch.

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What You’ll Learn

  • How The Dazzle Cleaning Company gives back to their community.
  • What type of organizations and individuals benefit from the Merry Fairies program.
  • How to reach out to us about the program!

Transcript Below:

Logan Taylor: Hey there! My Name’s Logan Taylor, and I’m the president and founder of The Dazzle Cleaning Company in Seattle Washington and Scottsdale, Arizona. I just wanted to explain what the Merry Fairies program is!

So, as soon as I started Dazzle, I immediately knew I wanted to have a system in place to give back to our community, and that’s why we started the Merry Fairies program. And what we do is clean homes, completely free of charge for people who are unable to clean their own homes due to illness or injury, and we also have partnerships with excellent non-profit organizations in Seattle and clean for them free of charge.

So, some of our favorite partnerships are Facing Homelessness, they do amazing work, and St. Francis House, on First Hill, who also does amazing work. So we’re really excited to be a part of their mission and support them with offering free home cleaning, or support them with offering free home cleaning for their facilities.

Since we started the Merry Fairies program seven years ago, we have been able to give away more than 450 free cleanings, totaling over $55,000 worth of cleaning. So we’re really grateful to be in a position to give back to our communities in that way.

If it would be helpful for you to have a Merry Fairies service, please send us an e-mail at and we will get you on the list for our Merry Fairies program!

Thanks so much!

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