If you’re moving out of your home and want to leave it for the next occupants in great shape, get 5-star cleaning service from a thorough and reputable cleaner! Our clients rave about our services, and you will too.

Our move-out clean is an extremely thorough cleaning of your space that includes inside/outside of appliances and storage spaces and more. For a more thorough list of our move-out services, check out this overview!

Contact us right away with questions or to book your services! We’re here to help.

What You’ll Learn From This Video:

  • When to use our move-out or move-in services.
  • What our services cover.
  • How to book our services!

Transcript for This Video:

Logan Taylor: Hey there! My name’s Logan Taylor and I’m the president and founder of the Dazzle Cleaning Company. Thanks so much for stopping by and getting a quote. We would love to complete your move in or move out services.

So the difference between these two services is that a move out cleaning is a deeper cleaning. People are moving out of their home, and that usually means a lot of work. We clean out the inside of the oven and refrigerator, we clean the cabinets, drawers and shelves… this is a really deep clean service.

The move-in cleaning, by contrast, is a much lighter service. This is something people typically get when they purchase or lease a new home. Maybe there’s been contractors or people walking through. Typically that house has already been clean, so this is a much lighter service, so we don’t clean the inside of all the drawers, shelves, and appliances.

Go ahead and take a look at both packages and see what you like! If you have any questions, give us a call 1-800-214-1417, we’re in the office Monday through Friday from 8 to 5 and a little bit on the weekends, and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

It is important to know when you book a move-out cleaning that the home is completely empty, that there’s not one else there and the electricity and water are on so we can make sure we’re doing a really great job. Hard to make sure your house sparkles without electricity and water!

We have thousands of online reviews, so you know if you book a service with us you’ll be a happy camper. I personally guarantee all of our work. Go ahead and book your cleaning with us and we’ll make sure we make your home sparkle.

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