It seems like you made it to this page because you might be thinking about hiring a cleaning company, and we’d love to be that cleaning company! However, if you’re not ready to hire cleaners right now then hopefully this will help keep you get and stay organized and keep your home cleaner than it is right now.

I run a business and have a super busy life and one thing I’ve learned is that trying to complete big tasks at one time is almost never the answer. It is daunting and it’s often difficult for us to carve out large chunks of time.

Instead, I use these techniques to stay on top of work, correspondence, cleaning and general organization.

I don’t like to clean when I first wake up in the morning or last thing before going to bed. Instead I usually spend about 10 minutes twice-daily cleaning things up.

The trick is to sprinkle deep cleaning into your everyday cleaning schedule. One morning I might spot-check the blinds and in the afternoon I might wipe out a shelf in the fridge. When talking on the phone I like to wipe down my baseboards or clean out the microwave. The key is that there is rarely a good time to scrub your home from top to bottom, but there are lots of mini-opportunities to keep your home clean. And, of course, if you live in Seattle or West Hollywood, just give us a jingle and we will make your home sparkle from top to bottom.

When I do have a larger chunk of time I like to embrace Power Hour. Sometimes I have a cleaning and organizing Power Hour and other times I have a correspondence Power Hour.

Just set the alarm on your phone for 60 minutes- of if time doesn’t allow for that then 30 or 40 minutes. Now, scramble around knocking as many things off of your written and non-written to do lists as possible. The trick to Power Hour is to complete things as you think of them. No procrastination. Stamp and address those envelopes, clean and sanitize the dog dish, empty the compost, wash the sheets, etc.

I also like to have correspondence power hour often enough that within that hour I can bring my email inbox down to zero.

If you’re just too busy to keep up with everything and you’d like to have a sparkling home then contact us and we will be happy to be your cleaning company! Dazzle currently serves Seattle and West Hollywood.

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