We Love Your Pets!

Part of our aim to be the best cleaning company around is making sure that we respect everyone in the space that we’re cleaning! From pets to roommates, we aim to create an experience that is as stress-free as possible and to create a space that you and yours will LOVE.

Whatever your cleaning needs, Dazzle can help! Visit us today at dazzlecompany.com or call us at 800-214-1417 to learn more about our services and schedule your clean today!

What You’ll Learn

  • What our commitment to quality service means.
  • Why we aim to get along with everyone in your space, including pets!
  • How we’re the best choice to be your pet-friendly cleaning service!

Audio Version:


Logan Taylor: Hi, there. My name’s Logan, and this is Patsy, and I’m the owner of the Dazzle Cleaning Company in Seattle, Washington. This is my favorite pupper on the planet. We are an extremely dog-friendly cleanings service. Not only do we want to be the best cleaning company in Seattle with the best ratings, but we also want to make sure that we’re a cleaning company who gets along with everybody in your house, including your pets, your dogs, your cats, your children, your significant others, your roommates.

What do we do to make sure that your dogs are happy while we’re cleaning? Well, first of all, we only hire people who like dogs, because so many people in Seattle have dogs. It’s really important that your cleaning service is dog friendly. We also carry milk bones with us so that we can give your puppy a little treat to help build some rapport with them. What do you need to do when you’re booking a service with us if you have a dog? Well, definitely let us know that you have a dog and let us know if you do not want us to give them a treat.

Otherwise, we probably will. If you’re looking for the perfect cleaning company, that is the best cleaning service with dogs, that are super dog friendly, then give us a call at 1-800-214-1417 or visit us online at dazzlecompany.com. We will make your home sparkle, and we’ll make your dogs happy.

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