How much does it cost to hire a cleaning company in Seattle? Prices generally range from $20-$55 per hour.

7 Ways to Save on Home Cleaning:

  1. Look for a company that has Independent Contractors instead of employees. These companies save a bundle by not paying payroll taxes such as medicare, medicaid, social security, unemployment or worker’s compensation. Low wage workers suffer because of this, but the price breaks are sometimes passed on to the consumer.
  2. Hire a company that pushes for cash payments. This means they might be saving money on other taxes such as B&O taxes which could result in some savings to the client.
  3. Find someone who is uninsured and doesn’t carry a bond. Most cleaning companies don’t report damage to their insurance company anyway, so it might be worth the risk to shave a little more off the bill.
  4. Hire a company that doesn’t spend money on sales and marketing. It’s expensive to market and if the company doesn’t have a marketing budget they will be able to have lower prices. The only downside is that these companies tend to be hard to find.
  5. Choose a company that has a mediocre online reputation.
  6. Look for a service that isn’t generous in their community. Supporting community organizations costs money. It is cheaper to find a company that doesn’t invest in community.
  7. Hire a company that uses harsh cleaning chemicals and doesn’t adhere to green cleaning practices. Using tough chemicals that are not environmentally friendly often saves on the chemicals themselves and they do work faster in some cases than their green alternatives.

5 Benefits of paying for a high quality, reputable cleaning company:

  1. Quality work. At Dazzle we invest in our employees and throughly train each employee. Investing in and thoroughly training our employees leads to a company culture of excellence. This is why we have the happiest clients in Seattle.
  2. Safety and Security. Every employee is background checked before they are offered a job at Dazzle. We carry a large umbrella policy and are bonded.
  3. Fast, friendly, flexible and reliable. That’s our mantra. When something out of the ordinary comes up we will have this in our head when deciding how to move forward.
  4. Eagerness to correct. Mistakes sometimes happen. When a mistake does happen we are eager to enthusiastically correct it with the client. Cheaper services don’t have as much flexibility here because they are already operating a bare bones business. If you wonder how mistakes are dealt with check out online reviews such as those found at
  5. Health. The health of your family, friends and pets and of our employees and of our natural world is important to us. This is why we work hard to stay as green as possible and why we became a carbon neutral company. Curious about what it means to be carbon neutral? Check out this video on how we did it.

How much does Dazzle charge?

We base our rates on $48 per hour.

Choosing which company to go with

If you are looking for a high quality cleaning service that strives to be fast, friendly, flexible and reliable then book a service with us!

If Dazzle is outside of your budget we recommend looking for a person who cleans independently. They may not have all of their business affairs in order but they will likely be highly motivated to do work hard and provide a good service to you. Check out Craigslist or bulletin boards at the grocery store.

If you are in a sever bind and must find someone right away and you have no other options then you may want to book a service with HandBook. It is not so much that HandyBook provides a bad service it is more that they provide an extremely inconsistent service and they have a high rate of last minute cancellations. Still, they typically have a lot of availability and they are cheap.

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