Our Commitment to the Safety of Our Clients and Employees

Dazzle Company CEO Logan Taylor brings you a helpful update on our company’s COVID-19 procedures! In light of current events, it’s important to us to ensure our clients both present and potential that we strive to not only be the best cleaning company in Seattle, Scottsdale, and San Francisco, but also the company that best addresses what’s happening.

In this clip, we highlight the steps we’re taking to make sure we’re following the best advice of public health officials. We’re committed to doing our part for the community while continuing to deliver the amazing service that our clients expect!

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What You’ll Learn

  • Why we’re committed to following the advice of public health officials.
  • What steps we’re taking to ensure the safety of our clients and employees.
  • How doing our part is important to our company!

Audio Version:


Logan Taylor: Hey there, I’m Logan and I’m the owner of the Dazzle Cleaning Company. We have offices in Seattle, Scottsdale, and soon-to-be San Francisco. I wanted to make a quick video to remind everybody of our COVID-19 policies. So we’ve adjusted them a few times throughout the course of the pandemic. We’re always trying to follow the advice of public health officials. And our goal is not just to be the best cleaning company in Seattle or the highest-rated cleaning company, but we want to also be the safest cleaning company.

So here’s what we now require. All of our Dazzle Cleaning Company employees are fully vaccinated. That’s a requirement for working at Dazzle at this point, and it’ll continue to be a requirement for the duration of the pandemic, however long that is. We also always have and continue to require that our employees wear masks while cleaning.

And there was a short time in the summer when we didn’t require clients to wear masks. This was after everybody was vaccinated and before Delta, but that’s no longer the case. We now do require everyone in the home is wearing a mask while the cleaners are cleaning. Because again, we want to be the best cleaning company and have the gayest cleaning company and have the happiest cleaners and the happiest clients. But we also want to be the safest cleaning company. So we do require that everyone in your home is wearing a face mask while the cleaning is taking place unless it’s a child or an infant who can’t wear a face mask for whatever reason.

The next thing is that we do want to practice social distancing to the best of everybody’s ability. So it’s really best if you’re not in the same room that your cleaner is in while your cleaner is cleaning. Of course, if you need to walk through the room or if you are in a studio apartment or something, we’re going to all do the best that we can. But we do ask, especially right now with a variant that is so high transmissible, that you do please keep as much distance from your cleaners as possible. And I know that everybody is tired of COVID and tired of talking about it and tired of masks and tired of checking and tired of thinking about it. But we do thank you for your patience. We appreciate you being compliant with all of our requests and in fact requirements. So please wear a mask and please give your cleaner plenty of space, so that once again, we cannot just be the best cleaning company, but we can also be the safest cleaning company with happy and healthy cleaners and of happy and healthy clients. Thank you so much.

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