Ashley: I love working at Dazzle because I get weekends off, nights off and I get paid really great and I’m supported by a great management staff and boss. Logan, Gio and Caitlin: you guys rock!

Gio: I like working for Dazzle because I enjoy making everyone’s home sparkle. I appreciate everything that Logan stands for and I meeting new people including the clients and my coworkers.

Logan: So, Elvira has been here for three years – which a lot has changed in three years! Like, I’m pretty sure when I hired Elvira I was like, “great, can you go clean this house?”

Elvira: That’s what happened.

Logan: Thank you so much for everything, Elvira.

Elvira: I’m happy working you too, thank you.

Logan: Thank you.

Elvira: I’ve been working here for three years and is one of the best companies that I work for and am very happy with Logan. We get really good benefits, good pay and it’s a great company to work with.

Sharika: I love working for The Dazzle Cleaning Company because Caitlin and Gio always have my back when I need them.

Katie: I love working for Dazzle because I can work independently and I know all of my managers still have my back.

Jay: And I like working for Dazzle because it gives me a schedule that actually fits my lifestyle.

Jess: I enjoy working at The Dazzle Cleaning Company because I feel appreciated as an employee and because my well-being is always put first.

Abner: I love the Dazzle Cleaning Company because it gives me the opportunity to make a positive impact in people’s life and I love everyone I work with.

Kathrine: In my country we said people don’t leave bad jobs they leave bad bosses and our boss is amazing so I’m very glad to be part of this.

Logan: Hi, my name is Logan Taylor and I’m the owner of The Dazzle Cleaning Company – The Gayest Cleaning Company in America! One thing that I know for sure is that in order to have extremely happy clients you need to have extremely happy cleaners, and that’s why I built my business around our employees and that’s part of the reason why we have such great results!

Have you thought to yourself, I just need to find a great cleaning job near me?! Well, if you are in Seattle or the surrounding area, you can stop looking because you just found it!

Full time Dazzle Cleaners are paid $28 per hour, plus tips and bonuses!

We offer paid training and the schedule is great! No nights or weekends. Most Dazzle cleaners in Seattle work between the hours of 8am to 5pm, Monday – Friday.

You get two weeks of Paid Time Off (PTO) your first year and 3 weeks PTO your second year. Plus, your birthday is always a paid day off.

This is a company where there is room for advancement.

All of our cleaners are eligible for our Kaiser Permanente health insurance after 90 days on the job. This is the same time when everyone becomes eligible for our dental insurance through Delta Dental.

All of our cleaners in Seattle can participate in our company 401(k) which has a 3% company match.

Do you think that this just might be the job for you? Apply online! It’s fast and easy, here’s the link:

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