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Whether or not you should tip your cleaner is one of the questions that goes along with hiring a professional cleaning service in Seattle (or, you know, anywhere). At many cleaning companies, tipping is an expectation just for the cleaners to make ends meet. But for The Dazzle Cleaning Company, tipping means something completely different.

We’ve talked before about how our cleaners are amongst the best paid cleaners in Seattle and Scottsdale, and really some of the best paid around, and enjoy a wide array of benefits. We want our cleaners to love their jobs, and to be compensated fairly for their work! And what does that mean for tipping? Well, it makes tipping less of an obligation for our clients and turns it into a more significant token of appreciation for a job well done!

From our great results to our commitment to our cleaners and our planet, there are so many reasons to work with Dazzle for your cleaning needs! Call us today at 800-214-1417 to learn more!

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What You’ll Learn

  • Why we’re committed to our employees.
  • What the pay difference between Dazzle and our competitors means for tipping.
  • How to tip your Dazzle cleaner.

Transcript Below:

Logan Taylor: Hey there. I’m Logan Taylor. I’m the founder of The Dazzle Cleaning Company, “The Gayest Cleaning Company in America,” with offices in Seattle, Scottsdale, and soon to be San Francisco.

The question is, should I tip my house cleaner?

It’s a great question. And I’m here to answer it for you. I’ll tell you this, on average, house cleaners in the United States make $13.25 – I’m sorry, make $11.25 per hour. In Washington State, they make an average of $11.25 an hour. And most of those jobs come with very few to no benefits.

So the short answer is, if you’re Googling this, and you found this video, yes, you should definitely tip your house cleaner!

Now, if you are a client of The Dazzle Cleaning Company, and you want to know if you should tip your cleaner? Well, let me tell you this – full time dazzle employees make $27 per hour, they have health, dental vision insurance 401k with matching paid time off and a bunch of other benefits. And the reason is because, well, I think it’s the right thing to do.

I also am of the belief that the reason why we are the very best house cleaning company, is because we have the happiest, most long-term cleaners. So because we’re not constantly training and dealing with turnover and having new people and shuffling people around, we are able to have people that are really honed in and do an excellent job.

How do we make that happen? We tried. I mean, my focus is always to create the best job that I can. And that’s why we get these amazing results and have happy clients and why I think we are the best house cleaning company that you can choose.

Now that being said, do our cleaners appreciate being tipped? Of course they do, and you are more than welcome to tip them and they do appreciate it. It’s not required, and they don’t expect it. But if you want to you can. About half of our clients tip, half of them don’t tip.

You can tip with cash or you can tip with a credit card. And if you have regular recurring cleaning service every week or every two weeks or once a month, and you want us to just put a recurring tip on your service we’re absolutely happy to do that for you.

So I hope that answers your questions. Have a fabulous day!

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