Are you tired of the constant battle to keep your apartment in Seattle clean? Given Seattle’s unique climate and bustling urban lifestyle, cleaning your apartment can become a tiresome chore. We understand that! This is why we have compiled the list of 8 proven and time-tested tips to help you in your apartment cleaning Seattle journey.

Let’s dive right into them:

1. Declutter and Organize

Imagine stepping into your Seattle apartment and being greeted by a calming, clutter-free space amidst the city’s vibrant energy. Sounds appealing? You can turn it into a reality!

In a city known for its compact living spaces and active lifestyles, decluttering is key.

Take a closer look at your belongings and ask yourself: do I really need this in my Seattle life? Embrace a minimalist mindset and let go of items that no longer serve a purpose.

Once you’ve finished decluttering, it’s time to get organized:

  • Designate specific areas for Seattle-centric essentials like rain gear, outdoor gear, and coffee supplies.
  • Utilize storage solutions like compact bins, floating shelves, and space-saving hooks to maximize your limited square footage.
  • Invest in stylish storage containers to keep smaller items organized and prevent them from adding to the visual clutter.

When everything has its place, cleaning becomes a breeze. You’ll no longer waste precious time searching for misplaced items or having to move clutter around just to dust or vacuum.

Plus, a well-organized space gives you a sense of control and serenity, making it easier to maintain cleanliness in the long run.

2. Establish a Cleaning Routine

You have organized everything, but you still can’t seem to understand why cleaning seems like a never-ending task.

Well, that’s why establishing a regular apartment cleaning routine is key to maintaining a clean and welcoming apartment in Seattle.

By breaking down your cleaning tasks into manageable chunks and sticking to a schedule, you’ll avoid the overwhelming feeling of trying to tackle everything at once.

Here’s a short and easy-to-follow cleaning routine for an average apartment in Seattle:


  • Wipe down surfaces prone to moisture, as Seattle’s damp weather can lead to mold and mildew growth.
  • Keep entryways clean and dry to prevent tracking in rainwater and mud.
  • Vacuum or sweep floors regularly to remove any debris brought in from outside.
  • Dust surfaces to combat the higher levels of pollen in the city due to its greenery.


  • Focus on bathroom cleaning, paying extra attention to preventing moisture buildup.
  • Clean windows and window sills to remove any moisture-related residue.
  • Pay attention to outdoor areas like balconies or patios, removing any debris or dirt that may accumulate.


  • Deep clean kitchen appliances, including the oven and refrigerator, to maintain cleanliness and prevent odors.
  • Declutter and organize specific areas, such as closets or storage spaces, as Seattle’s compact living spaces often require efficient use of storage.
  • Clean vents and air filters to improve indoor air quality, especially considering the city’s high pollen count.

Remember to adapt this routine to your specific apartment and personal preferences. Keeping up with regular apartment cleaning in Seattle will help you maintain a clean and comfortable living space suited to the city’s unique characteristics.

3. Gather the Right Cleaning Supplies

When it comes to getting supplies for apartment cleaning Seattle, it’s essential to have the right tools readily available.

Fortunately, the city offers a variety of options to cater to your cleaning needs. Let’s explore the must-have supplies specific to Seattle:

  • Start with an all-purpose cleaner readily available at local grocery stores or eco-friendly shops.

Look for brands like Mrs. Meyer’s, Method, or Seattle-based companies like J.R. Watkins that offer effective and environmentally conscious cleaning solutions.

  • For sparkling windows and mirrors, grab a glass cleaner from brands like Ecover or Seventh Generation, commonly found at Seattle’s natural food co-ops or specialty stores.
  • Microfiber cloths are also easily found at stores like Target or Bed Bath & Beyond.

They efficiently capture dust and dirt without leaving lint behind, making them perfect for Seattle’s frequently dusty environment.

  • When it comes to vacuum cleaners, popular brands like Dyson, Shark, and Bissell are available at various electronics and department stores throughout Seattle.

By gathering the right cleaning supplies available in Seattle, you’ll be equipped to tackle any cleaning task efficiently and effectively.

4. Start from the Top

You now have all the supplies, but if your cleaning approach is not right, you’ll be super inefficient with your cleaning.

Starting from the top and working your way down is a strategy that can greatly enhance your cleaning efficiency. Here’s why it makes sense:

  • First, focus on dusting light fixtures, ceiling fans, and high surfaces.

Seattle’s damp weather can lead to dust accumulation, especially on ceilings and light fixtures.

Removing this dust will prevent it from settling on lower surfaces during the cleaning process.

  • Next, progress to cleaning surfaces, furniture, and floors.

As you work your way down, you’ll be able to capture any dirt or dust that falls from higher areas.

This approach helps avoid spreading dirt and allergens, ensuring thorough cleaning.

By adopting a top-down approach to Seattle apartment cleaning, you’ll optimize your cleaning efforts, maintain a cleaner living space, and promote a healthier indoor environment for yourself and your household.

5. Pay Attention to Ventilation

Next, maintaining proper ventilation in any Seattle apartment is of utmost importance, especially considering the city’s often humid climate.

It not only helps in keeping the indoor environment fresh but also contributes to preventing issues like mold and mildew. Here’s how you can ensure adequate ventilation in your apartment:

  • Regularly open windows to let in fresh air and promote air circulation.

This helps remove stale air and reduces humidity levels, preventing the buildup of moisture that can lead to mold and mildew growth.

  • Utilize fans or air purifiers to enhance airflow and improve indoor air quality.

Fans can help in circulating air throughout the apartment, while air purifiers can filter out pollutants and allergens, promoting a healthier living space.

  • Be proactive in reducing moisture-related problems by wiping down condensation that may form on windows or other surfaces.

This helps prevent the accumulation of moisture that can contribute to mold and mildew growth.

  • Consider using moisture-absorbing products like dehumidifiers or desiccant packs in areas prone to excess moisture, such as bathrooms or basements.

These products help in reducing humidity levels and minimizing the risk of mold and mildew.

By paying attention to ventilation, you can maintain a cleaner and healthier apartment environment in Seattle as it improves indoor air quality and promotes overall well-being.

6. Stay On Top Of Laundry

Laundry cleaning might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to apartment cleaning Seattle, but living in the city can sometimes mean limited space for laundry and hence a lot of clutter.

Once you have followed all the above tips, it’s time to establish a routine for staying on top of your laundry to prevent your cleaning efforts from going down the drain.

You should try to:

  • Set a regular schedule for doing laundry that suits your needs and the available facilities in your apartment building. This consistency will prevent laundry from piling up and creating unnecessary clutter.
  • Invest in space-saving laundry solutions specific to apartment living, such as collapsible drying racks or slimline laundry hampers. These options optimize your limited space while ensuring your laundry stays organized.
  • Make use of the available laundry amenities in your building. If you have access to communal laundry facilities, try to time your laundry loads during off-peak hours to avoid conflicts and maximize efficiency.
  • Lastly, opt for air-drying whenever possible. Utilize drying racks or hang clothes outside if allowed by your building’s regulations.

By staying on top of your laundry routine, you’ll maintain a cleaner and more organized apartment in Seattle. You’ll also avoid the frustration of piles of laundry taking up precious space and ensure that your clothes are always fresh and ready to wear!

7. Involve Roommates or Family Members

If you have roommates or family members sharing your Seattle apartment, why not make cleaning a team effort?

It’s a simple way to lighten the workload and create a sense of cooperation in maintaining a clean living environment.

Here’s what you can do: divide the cleaning tasks among each other and establish a casual cleaning schedule.

By involving everyone, not only will you get the job done faster, but you’ll also foster a sense of accountability and togetherness.

So, grab a mop, put on your favorite playlist, and turn cleaning into a shared adventure. Remember, many hands make light work, and a cleaner apartment means more time for enjoying all that Seattle has to offer!

8. Hire Professionals

While we’re all up for tackling apartment cleaning ourselves, sometimes it’s worth considering professional help for a truly thorough clean.

Especially in Seattle, where time and busy schedules can get in the way, hiring professional cleaners offers several advantages.

Professional cleaners bring expertise and specialized equipment to tackle deep cleaning sessions. They have the knowledge and experience to efficiently clean hard-to-reach areas and delivering desired results.

When selecting a professional cleaning service, consider their experience, reputation, and eco-friendly practices, aligning with Seattle’s sustainability values.

Moreover, before hiring, assess your specific needs. Do you require a one-time deep cleaning or recurring services? Communicate your expectations and discuss specific areas you want them to focus on, such as high-touch surfaces or hidden spots.

Remember, hiring professional cleaners allows you to prioritize your time and energy, giving you the opportunity to enjoy Seattle’s vibrant offerings. Whether it’s exploring Pike Place Market or going for a hike in one of the many beautiful parks, the choice is yours.

Parting Thoughts

In the bustling city of Seattle, maintaining a clean apartment is essential for a healthy and inviting living space.

By implementing the proven tips we’ve discussed, such as decluttering, establishing a cleaning routine, and paying attention to hidden areas, you’ll be well on your way to a cleaner space.

So, take charge of your cleaning routine, create a serene living space amidst the city’s energy, and enjoy all that Seattle has to offer.

But we understand that not everyone has the time and energy to clean their apartment.

If you are looking for professional apartment cleaning services in Seattle, look no further than the Dazzle Company.

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