Dazzle has 4 ways for you to save money on your next cleaning. The first is you can share your unique Dazzle URL on social media, so like Facebook or LinkedIn. And when you do that, we will automatically credit your account 10 dollars. You can do this up to 3 times per month, and you don’t need to tell us or anything. When you use that unique URL, we’ll see it and automatically go in and put that credit on your account.

If you don’t know what your unique URL is and you’d like it, just send us an email at clean dot dazzle company dot com, and we will email it to you. The second way is you can refer people to Dazzle. When you refer a new regular recurring weekly, biweekly, or monthly client to Dazzle, then your next service is totally free, and the person that you have referred gets a hundred dollars off their first visit. The next way is you can put a dazzle yard sign in your yard. For you to be eligible for this, you have to have a yard where we can stick a sign that is visible from the street.

So we used to say single family homes, but sometimes townhouses or apartments work for that as well. And then the final thing you can do is make a, oh, I’m sorry. And for the yard sign, you get a 20 dollar credit to your account every month that you have the yard sign there. 240 dollars in annual savings if you have it there all year long. And the final thing that you can do is make a 20 to 90 second review of your Dazzle cleaning service just on your phone and send it to Dazzle.

We’ll send you a video release that you can sign electronically that says that we can use this video in any of our marketing channels, and we will. When you do that, your next service, again, is totally free. Now we would love to give you a reward for reviewing us on Google, but Google does not allow that sort of thing. But if you do wanna leave us a review, of course, we love that. And when you leave us a review, we plant a tree for each review.

So we’ve planted over 600 trees so far, and we’re still going strong. Also, your cleaner gets a 20 dollar bonus every time that they have a review for a public review. And you don’t need to say their name in it because we just Jamie goes through and looks at it, and she’ll know that she’ll attach the cleaner to the client. Though you can use their name. Alright.

If you have any questions about those things, please just let us know. If you want the URL send us an email. Otherwise, go ahead and take advantage of those great savings.

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