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March 28, 2023

Dazzle Maid Services

About Our Services

Dazzle is a Seattle based, culturally gay cleaning company with sustainable and inclusive values. We proudly hire employees from all backgrounds and ensure diversity in our workforce. Dazzle provides both residential and commercial maid service to all. Our rates are among the best in the area and our service is unbeatable. We take great pride in our work and love what we do!

When you walk into your home and see it looking squeaky clean, you’ll know Dazzle was there. Our work is well-known as the finest in Seattle since our workforce diversity brings great creative synergy. We will not only clean your space, but also leave it dazzling!

Our cleaning professionals will leave your residence and office spotless for you to relax and peacefully go about your daily activities.

We Are Carbon Neutral

A carbon neutral company makes sure that the amount of carbon dioxide it produces and removes from the atmosphere balances out. Our company is environmentally conscious, hence we are carbon neutral.

Fun Fact About Us: We Plant a Tree for Every Review We Get!

Yes, that’s right. We have a sustainable business model and care deeply for the environment. Each review you send our way will grow into a beautiful tree.

Hear It From Our Founder!

Our founder, Logan Taylor, believes that you can only have a successful company if your workers are happy. As long as they are loyal, dedicated and passionate about the job they will perform excellently. This is the reason why Dazzle is so focused on the well-being of its employees and customers. We work hard at relationship building and providing value to customers through our work. Our workers are the best paid in the Seattle area, satisfied, and perform well, making it much easier to give each customer their absolute best. We have an integrated model that allows us to focus on and take care of each employee to make sure they’re doing well.

Maid Services We Offer

When Should You Hire a Maid Service?

Not in the mood to clean up? Don’t have the energy? Can’t clean up properly? It’s alright! You don’t have to live in a space that isn’t clean or suitable for your daily activities. There are multiple reasons why one may not be able to clean their space, and that’s okay. We are here to help you ease your difficulties and offer three types of maid services:

Weekly Maid Service

Our maids will arrive at your house every week to leave your house or office looking its absolute best.

Biweekly Maid Service

A cleaner will visit your house every two weeks if you choose biweekly maid service.

Monthly Maid Service

With our monthly service, you’ll be visited by a cleaning professional once every month.

You can quickly get a quote from us for our residential or office cleaning services, and we will set you up immediately. Our employees are skilled, trained and follow the appropriate SOPs.

You Don’t Have Enough Time

If you are a working individual or someone loaded with responsibilities, there is a high chance you cannot devote enough time to house cleaning. It is very typical for people to get cleaning services if they simply don’t have enough time to tidy up. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

When You Can’t Do It Right, That’s Okay!

It’s alright if you cannot clean your space correctly. Not all of us are experts at doing so and sometimes we need a little help. Whatever cleaning you need help with, our maids are here to help you out.

When You Just Don’t Feel Like it

Sometimes you don’t feel like cleaning… and that’s okay. We encourage hiring a maid if you don’t feel like cleaning up.

When You Need Your House Cleaned

Dazzle offers friendly, professional residential cleaning. Whether you live in an apartment, penthouse, house, condo or any other living space, we are here to clean it up. Have a sparkly, neat home with us now.

When You Want Your Office Cleaned

Our staff also specializes in providing professional commercial cleaning services to nearly all types of office spaces.

Moving In or Moving Out

Moving in and moving out can wreak havoc on your living space. We can help you make sure you start fresh in a sparkling clean new home, as well as helping clean your previous place after all of the chaos of moving out.

Messes After Renovations

If your house or office has recently been renovated, Dazzle can help you with that too! We offer post-renovation cleaning, so all you have to do is focus on that brand new kitchen, bathroom and more.

Perks of Hiring Recurring Maid Service

Your Space Stays Clean!

Routine cleaning services ensure that you are not allowing any filth, grime or germs to remain in your residence for an extended period and negatively impact its pleasant atmosphere. A tidy house also indicates that the space is clutter-free and organized, which could release positive energy. A clean home also allows for better air quality and creates the impression that it’s all airy and new.

It’s Good For Your Health

You bring a little bit of everything you do outdoors back into your home. It could be from your job, hobbies, pets… pretty much anything. Our regular maintenance solutions will ensure that you return safely to a location that will greet you happily, with no dirt and filth accumulating in your space.

A place that is well-maintained to help ease your strain and enable you to settle, decompress and get ready for what comes next. We will assist you in dealing with all of this and allow you that extra bit of time to blow off steam and recharge. Treat yourself to a sparkling and pristine personal refuge and safe place… you’re worth it!

It Saves You Time

That is correct! Hiring our professional cleaners can save you a ton of time because you only need to schedule the initial appointment; we will handle everything else. Depending on your initial visit, our incredible system can easily schedule subsequent sessions for you. If your choices or requirements have changed, inform us as soon as possible so we can easily adjust your work order.

Also, you won’t be caught off guard when a housekeeper shows up at the door. Dazzle offers you several notification options via the phone or email you provided when you signed up, giving you plenty of opportunity to correct or adjust your schedule if needed.

Peace of Mind

You may feel uneasy having a stranger clean your home. You can feel at ease with Dazzle, knowing that you are allowing professionals into your home. You also can ask us to have the same housekeeper clean every time (depending on availability), which will enable you to receive a far more individualized experience. The cleaner will get to know what you, your family (pets too!) require, providing you with confidence that they understand precisely how best to keep your home spotless and your household delighted.

Benefits of Using Our Professional Services

Cleaning your office, apartment or house isn’t necessarily the initial priority on your mind when living a hectic life. But it’s a crucial component of creating a safe, effective, efficient atmosphere. One of the best approaches to guarantee that your life is in prime condition is to ask for expert cleaning companies to take care of your residence.

Consider using a reliable cleaning company like Dazzle for your house or apartment if you’d like to keep your home performing at its best. Some of the advantages that our cleaning services can offer are listed below:

Increase Productivity

A messy house can be frustrating. Seeing that your home is neatly arranged and clean, you and your family are more eager to do more in it. It will instill optimism in domestic life, which will boost productivity. Also, thorough cleaning takes time which can leave you too tired to focus on other work that you may have.

Remain Healthy

Without regular cleaning, a house or apartment can quickly become a haven for contagious bacteria. This can increase the chances of you and your family becoming ill, affecting your health and resulting in less productivity. Cleaning companies can remove dust and germs, lowering the risk of illness and workplace absenteeism.

Make a Good Impression

Your home or apartment will leave a lasting impression on guests or friends based on how clean – or unclean – it is. Your respective property will appear classy and genuine if it is tidy and clutter-free and make an excellent first impression. Alternatively, a messy and untidy house will make visitors uncomfortable and can make you look unhygienic.

Save Time and Money

You can hire a more professionally qualified housekeeping company to manage your home space rather than assigning family members to clean or employing in-house staff. You won’t ever need to handle cleaning equipment, stress about housework, wash with soiled washcloths or be concerned about liability concerns related to cleaning agents and toxic materials.

Choosing Dazzle cleaning services also has more advantages than keeping your home tidy. Working with a seasoned crew like Dazzle will save you cash, effort, and stress.

At Dazzle, we are dedicated to offering top-notch, individualized professional cleaning services in Seattle.

Make an Appointment with Dazzle

You ought to remain careful about spending your hard-earned money if you want to be a wise consumer. Keeping your house clean should be a requirement rather than a want. Your home serves as a fort. It is a place where you can rejuvenate your soul and yourself. But cleaning it shouldn’t ever stress your already busy schedule. We at Dazzle are here to handle that job. We are renowned as the finest cleaners in Seattle, in part because our cleaning services are worth each penny.

Many People Believe in Our Services

We have worked with many families in Seattle for many years in the cleaning business. We received positive feedback from our customers as well, demonstrating that we are doing great. Without including the one-time services we provide, we serve hundreds of homes each month alone for routine maintenance.

Your Satisfaction is 100 Percent Guaranteed

We guarantee that everything will be as simple as possible for you, from the booking to the completion of the service. Dazzle guarantees that the cleaning we provide doesn’t disrupt your regular schedule. If you have any problem please get in touch with us right away and we’ll make arrangements to rectify the situation.

Our Company Employs Experts

All of our employees are trustworthy, screened and qualified. They do an excellent job of representing the organization, and to make sure they can fulfill their obligations and responsibilities they all go through rigorous screening, training and certification processes.

Our Customer Service Team is Committed

Our business has made a significant investment in a friendly and helpful customer service team that is ready to help you with any issues you may have. You can contact us in several ways and converse with us using your preferred method: phone, email, web chat, and SMS.

Book Your Appointment Now

Schedule an Appointment for Service

The voyage will start from this point. Your commitment to maintaining a clean house is crucial, so we will need just a small amount of your time. When you book your cleaning you can make an appointment to ensure that a housekeeper can service your location as needed. As we have a variety of services that you may choose from, this also serves as the stage where you can learn more about what we have to offer. You can always contact us if you need any support.

The Day of Your Cleaning

That’s it. You’re done! Your booked appointment comes next. On the day of your cleaning, one of our trained maids will arrive at your residence. Due to several factors out of our control (like that famous Seattle traffic) our cleaner may be a little early or late. But don’t worry; if there are any necessary modifications to your scheduling session, customers are informed beforehand.

Our cleaners have all the supplies necessary to leave your space sparkly clean, but if you have specific cleaners or tools you’d like them to use, that’s okay… just let us know ahead of your cleaning.

Unwind and Enjoy Your Newly Cleaned Home

…and it’s finished! It’s now time to relax and enjoy your freshly cleaned house. You certainly deserve to relax and take naps on a cleanly made bed; enjoy and share a meal in a tidy, immaculate dining room; prepare your meals in a neat, organized kitchen; unwind and take a bath in a fresh, spotless bathroom; and have fun and relish every minute while surrounded by your family in a dazzling clean living room.

It only takes a few minutes to get started. Click here to book your cleaning now!