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February 15, 2023

Should I Tip My Cleaner?

One of the most common questions that we get asked is, “should I tip my cleaner?” Here’s the answer: Overall – Yes, tip your cleaner.

How much should you tip your cleaner? Most people tip between $10 and $20 per visit. But really, most cleaning professionals appreciate the gesture. That being said, tipping coins is probably considered poor form.

Dazzle cleaners are paid a living wage. We pay our full time cleaners $28 per hour plus a slew of bonuses and tips. It’s got to be a good job or people won’t stay at the job and then quality and consistency goes down.

All of the cleaners at Dazzle are employeesnot independent contractors. This means that we’re paying into social security, Medicare, unemployment, etc. and this is important because it creates a better social safety net for our cleaners.

Dazzle cleaners are also eligible to participate in our company 401(k) which has a 4% match and health insurance through Kaiser Permanente. Dazzle cleaners are also eligible for dental coverage through Delta Dental. Some of our other benefits include life insurance, vision insurance and Paid Time Off.

Now, do all of these great benefits mean that you don’t need to tip your cleaners? Sort of. Tipping is certainly not expected or required – but Seattle is an expensive place to live, and cleaning homes is a super tough job. So, when you do decide to tip we really, really appreciate it!

And, if you are hiring a cleaning company that does not pay their cleaners a living wage, does not offer benefits or has independent contractors working for them – then yes, yes, yes: Definitely tip those folks!

Do you have an opinion on if you should or shouldn’t tip your cleaners or on how much to tip your cleaners? Let us know on social media. We’d love to hear from you!