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house cleaners in Magnolia Washington
February 15, 2023

House Cleaners in Magnolia

Once known for its “snug harbor,” the Magnolia district of Seattle, Washington is a quaint peninsula neighborhood with ample green space and beautiful views of Puget Sound. It’s rumored that the name Magnolia is a result of Captain George Davidson mistaking the bountiful madrona trees as magnolia trees. Well, we all make mistakes and without them where would the good stories and jokes derive?! 

Magnolia Boasts Green Spaces

Magnolia is a hidden gem! If you are new to the neighborhood or an interested passerby, there are many great options to explore. To begin, Magnolia is a great place to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Discovery Park is 534 acres of open space to benefit local wildlife and natural habitats, biological conservation and education, and the peaceful enjoyment of community members. Be sure to stop by the Discovery Park Environmental Learning Center for trail maps and educational opportunities to learn about the Indigenous land, people, and culture.

house cleaners in Magnolia Washington

As you make your way across the park don’t forget to swing by the West Point Lighthouse, Discovery Park Beach, and Magnolia Bluff. The expansive park is an amazing resource of outdoor space, perfect for the leisurely stroll, daily run, quiet meditation, or picnic.

Looking for a place to let the kids run free? Magnolia has several playgrounds including Discovery Park Playground, Ella Bailey Park, Magnolia Playfield, and Bayview Playground. Need to let the dogs out? Head over to Magnolia Manor Park, a leash-free dog park and open space. Help Magnolia keep the parks and green spaces enjoyable by planning ahead to leave no trace!

Good Eats in Magnolia

Although primarily green and residential space, Magnolia has a handful of tasty eateries in the area known as the Village. From June – October, the Magnolia Farmers Market is a great place to find local and artisanal food, crafts, and fun. Desperate for some spicy Mexican food in the pacific northwest? El Ranchon Family Mexican Restaurant is celebrating 25 years in the business. They are obviously cooking up great food and service with that milestone! Craving a Gyro and falafels? Niko’s has got you covered. Can’t get enough wood-fired pizza? Queen Margherita is your spot with a wine bar to boot.

Are you tired and hungry after a long walk through Discovery Park or looking for some easy grab and go picnic food? The Damoori Kitchen has delicious Mediterranean cuisine that will make you a return customer. Looking for a couple microbrews/burgers, darts, pool tables, and happy hour? Head over to Boxcar Ale House!

House Cleaners in Magnolia

Now that you are stoked on the pristine green of Magnolia, allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are Dazzle Cleaning Company, the greenest house cleaners in Magnolia and beyond! Not only do we dig Magnolia’s many parks and spaces for recreation, we also love that it is a largely residential neighborhood away from the hustle and bustle. All those people out enjoying means there are tons of empty houses ripe for cleaning. Dazzle house cleaners in Magnolia are ready to make your day by making your house sparkle and shine with all natural products that are safe for humans, pets, and the environment. We also compost, reuse, and recycle.

We actively work to reduce our carbon footprint and we welcome ideas and opportunities to continue improving.

Did we mention we are also the gayest house cleaners in Seattle? Our vibrant and diverse community of cleaners is committed to high quality cleaning and customer service for all. Our team of merry fairies love their jobs and endeavor to exceed your expectations. We believe that house cleaning is one of the best gifts you can give and regularly offer our services to homeless organizations in our communities and individuals who are unable to clean due to injury or disability.

Want to help someone in need or spread some love with a house cleaning?  Contact us for details.

So what are you waiting for? Get out and enjoy that 500+ acres of green waiting in your local backyard. Hit up the discovery center and find out what exactly a “snug harbor” is afterall. And while you are out for fresh air, food, and enjoyment give Dazzle a call so you can come home to a sparkling clean house that smells amazing and makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over. You can have it all, and Dazzle house cleaners in Magnolia are here to help!

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