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February 9, 2023

Am I a Cleaning Lady?

One of the most common inquiries that we get are people looking for a “cleaning lady”. I think that this is a term that was maybe more common a long time ago, or maybe not that long ago since we’re still getting this question all the time. 

So we are – you can just think of Dazzle as being your cleaning ladies. Now, does that mean that you’re going to literally have a lady in your home? No, but we can all be cleaning ladies… it is 2023. 

We also hear the term “maid service” all the time, and I think that that’s something that’s a little more regional. Like all of my friends that own cleaning companies in the South – they call themselves maid services a lot of the time. We don’t really use that term very much in Seattle; I don’t think. I don’t use it. I certainly I don’t hear it here. But I hear it whenever I’m at like, a cleaning company conference or whatever. 

So we just call ourselves cleaners or professional house cleaners and we’re happy to go by any of those names though. So if you want us to be your cleaning lady we’re going to be your cleaning lady. If you want us to be your maid we’re going to be your maid. If it’s all the same to you we’re just going to prance into your house and be the Gayest Cleaning Company in America making your home sparkle.

But we don’t really care what you call us… we just want to be the people, the person, the company that you choose for all of your cleaning needs.