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house cleaners in Ballard
January 16, 2023

House Cleaners in Ballard

Yes, we are house cleaners in Ballard. We are the best, and leave your place DAZZLING CLEAN!
That’s because we are Dazzle Cleaning Company.

We thought it might be fun to give all of you interested in the beautiful city of Ballard some of its history and coolest places to visit.

The city of Ballard has quite the history! Once the home of various indigenous populations such as the Shilshole, Duwamish, and Coast Salish tribes, the pioneering days brought many Nordic immigrants to the area. The fishing and port industries laid the foundation for the development of what Ballard is today– a thriving port town steeped in maritime history and local legend.

Ballard History & Culture

If you are interested in exploring the rich history of Ballard you should check out the Ballard Historical Society or visit the National Nordic Museum. Want to dive into Ballards native tribal heritage? Head over to the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center or the Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center. Looking for local art? You definitely want to check out Venue Ballard, Push/Pull, and Blowing Sands. The Ballard Art Walk takes place every second Saturday.

Ballard Food & Drink

Truly? Ballard has an amazing range of excellent food options. We suggest trying them all!

Feeling fancy? Make a reservation at Copine and The Walrus and the Carpenter. Craving something more casual? Get a table at Ray’s Cafe or the Lockspot Cafe. Don’t miss local favorites Mike’s Chili Parlor, Un Bien, and the Ballard Sunday Market. The drink is as mighty as the food in Ballard and you should definitely taste the brewery and cocktail scene while out and about. With so many breweries in Ballard, we suggest a full out sampling and don’t miss Stoup and Bale Breaker and Yonder Cider Tap Room. More of a cocktail person? Swing by the Barnacle and Bar Sabine. More in the mood for dessert than booze? Head over to the Pie Bar.

Ballard Shopping

Are you looking for hidden gems in the form of local shops? If you are looking for books, games, or truly unique gifts stroll by Twice Sold Tales, Mox Boarding Room, and Monster. Want more shopping enjoyment? Check out Annie’s Art and Frame, Woodland Mod, and Ballyhoo Curiosity Shop.

ALL THE LINKS and phone numbers for these businesses are at the bottom.

House Cleaners in Ballard

Have you met the gayest house cleaners in Ballard? Do you wish you had more time to explore and enjoy Ballard instead of endless and tiresome house cleaning?

Please allow us to introduce ourselves, we are the Dazzle House Cleaners of Ballard and we will Dazzle you with our entire cleaning package. We are a gay, green, and socially conscious company who care for our employees as much as our clients. The result is happy cleaners who enjoy their job and take pride in their work.  We love to clean! Let us lighten your workload so you can enjoy some well-deserved fun. 

And WOW, are we GREEN!!!

We go green to clean because we care about the environment and your health. We make our own cleaning products with green ingredients, not chemicals, which means our products are safe for humans, animals, and the planet. Making our own products, using compostable bags, and reusable cloths also decreases waste and our carbon footprint. We clean with care for you and our environment.

Through our Merry Fairies program we support and value our communities. We clean for local organizations who support our homeless population. We also clean for people who can’t afford house cleaning or are unable to clean for themselves. Visit our website to see how you can support our community and others in need of our merry cleaning ferries.

We Are House Cleaners in Ballard

So go explore your city and allow the Dazzle house cleaners of Ballard to book your cleaning.Click for Your House Cleaning Quote

While you enjoy some food and shopping we will clean your house until it sparkles and shines and brightens your day and mood.

  • Did we mention we also do boats?
  • Check out our a la carte cleaning list and work your windows, carpet, couches, blinds, and tile into rotation for a continuous and seriously DAZZLING experience!
  • Need before and after cleanup for that fabulous party you are about to throw? Give us a call! After we Dazzle you once, we know you will want to keep that Dazzle going.

Local Links and Phone Numbers for Ballard, Washington:

  • Photo Courtesy of My Ballard
  • Ballard Historical Society
  • Annie’s Art & Frame – 206-784-4761
  • Bale Breaker and Yonder – 773-998-1464
  • Ballard Art Walk
  • Ballyhoo Curiosity Shop – 206-268-0371
  • Bar Sabine – 206-566-0284
  • Blowing Sands – 206-783-5314
  • Cleaning Company in Ballard – 800-214-1417
  • Copine – 206-258-2467
  • Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center – 206-285-4425
  • Dazzle Cleaning Company – 800-214-1417
  • Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center – 206-431 1582
  • Lockspot Cafe – 206-789-4865
  • Mike’s Chili Parlor – 206-782-2808
  • Monster – 206.789.0037
  • Mox Boarding House – 206-523-9605
  • National Nordic Museum – 206-789-5707
  • Pie Bar
  • Push/Pull – 206-789-1710
  • Rays Cafe – 206-782-0094
  • Stoup – 206-457-5524
  • The Barnacle – 206-706-3379
  • Twice Sold Tales – (206) 545-4226
  • Un Bien – 206-588-2040
  • Venue Ballard –
  • Walrus and the Carpenter – 206-395-9227
  • Woodland Mod – 206-402-4807