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December 5, 2022

Cleaning Gift Cards

Holiday Gift Giving for the Win – Part 2

Are you still with us? Because we have more fun and life-changing gifts to discuss.

It may seem drastic to say life-changing but maybe it’s not! You know that saying “Cleanliness is next to godliness,” no matter what you believe, it makes a figurative impact! When the house is clean, and the carpets are clean, and the furniture is clean, and the clothes are clean, and you had time for a long luxurious bath or shower so you can be clean, it can feel EMPOWERING. Like you just might conquer the world or at least have an extra-ordinary day.

Cleaning Gift Cards – The PERFECT gift!

This holiday season, a cleaning gift card could be the boost someone needs to conquer what’s ahead or just feel awesome.
Here are some ideas for your gift giving this year:

The Gift Parents Dream About

Do you know any expecting parents? Parents with young children, multiple children, or teenagers? What about parents of furry variety? One house cleaning would be a welcome and wonderful surprise. Six months of bi-weekly cleaning would be life-changing. After the daily grind of earning a living, running a household, and keeping everyone moving and fed, the non-stop cleaning is often the straw that takes down one’s sanity. The gift of house cleaning is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and meeting a Leprechaun!
This year, instead of more stuff to clean up, give someone the gift of cleanup. Give cleaning gift cards.

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

You know what sounds extra special after a holiday season? A good old-fashioned carpet cleaning! Seriously though, with all of the other things to clean in the house, carpets and rugs can be neglected. Depending on the traffic in your home, it’s a good idea to have your carpets professionally cleaned every 12-18 months or after a big spill. We have a “shoes off at the door” rule in my house, but it doesn’t always happen, or apply to guests, or events, or random times we just didn’t take our shoes off. Sometimes when I am laying down on the carpet, I think about what is lurking there and it freaks me out just a bit. Thankfully, carpets and rugs absorb and hide a lot of spills and dirt and whatever the heck the pets got into. But at the same time… Okay, yep it’s time for a cleaning.

It’s not just about cleaning the carpets and extending their longevity, it’s also about health. Maintaining your carpets will help improve your health by removing allergens, dust, hair, and whatever else is hiding in there.

This gift of carpet cleaning comes with a side of clean air and some peace of mind!

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Do you know anyone with beautiful tile in their home? Imported tile flooring? Decorative tile in the bathrooms? Ornate tile in the kitchen. Do you also know that person has an old coffee mug full of toothbrushes next to a bucket and a box of kleenex in the laundry room? Every few months or so that person has a breakdown, toothbrush in hand, thinking about the hours it will take to remove the built-up grout from those wonderful tiles. This person swore they would keep up the tile maintenance by dedicating one day a month to give them a good once-over. But, that didn’t happen. And it’s okay! Hard to prioritize grout with everything else going on. You can be a hero to this friend and give the gift of Tile and Grout cleaning. It’s not a flashy or sexy gift but it sure can Dazzle up a day and the tiles of course.

Upholstery Cleaning

Do you remember that practically useless “no shoes in the house” rule I mentioned? Well, we also have a “no food/drink on the couch” rule, but, sigh, there always seems to be a reason to make an exception. We try to use blankets and pet covers to help protect the furniture, but they are such an eyesore and always end up on the floor. Sometimes when I lay my head on the couch I start to sneeze immediately. As I sneeze, I notice a small stain on the arm where I think I dozed off with a much-needed glass of wine last Tuesday. I shift my weight and feel something wet, what the heck is that!? I decide to remove the cushions and do a little vacuuming. My eyes grow wide at the realization that the rule has been completely abandoned. Everything from popcorn to used napkins, to dirty socks, and, are those M&Ms?!! This is embarrassing.

This year, save someone from what’s lurking within and beneath the cushions. Hug them and hand them the gift card and tell them to call Dazzle and forget about it.

Boat Cleaning

Do you know someone with a boat? Dazzle does boats! Our cleaning team is ready and willing to head to the local marina or driveway, depending on where it’s docked, to give any boat a thorough cleaning. Owning a boat is an absolute luxury…until you realize the ongoing need for upkeep and maintenance. Thanks to the salt water and the elements, a well-maintained boat can be a full-time job. Seriously! This year give your favorite captain the unexpected but very welcome surprise of a sparkling clean boat. You may even get an invite to come aboard!

This year Dazzle friends and family with the gift of a lean, mean, cleaning team who will swoop in and help you clear a path to sparkling fresh days ahead. And whatever you are celebrating this season, let’s include a toast to surviving another year. The last few years have been, well, difficult. Cheers to everyone doing their best to wake up in the morning and keep moving forward.


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