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November 24, 2022

House Cleaning Gift Cards

Holiday Gift Giving for the Win Part 1
Or why everyone wants a lot of house cleaning gift cards.

It’s that time of year when the hustle and bustle of the holiday season are in full swing. While some people love shopping for gifts, others dread choosing between braving holiday shopping and spending hours online searching.

Maybe you are looking for a unique or extra special gift. Dazzle can help make the holidays easier this year by offering The Gift of Cleaning. If you’re shopping for, we promise the assistance of cleaning is sure to Dazzle. The gift of cleaning is a high-impact gift that can make any day, month, or even year!

Our gift-giving menu is so stacked that we need two posts to share our great gift-giving options.

House Cleaning Gift Cards 

Give the Gift of Pre/Post Party Cleaning

The holiday season is now in full swing and ripe with parties and gatherings, not to mention the big day breakfasts, brunches, and dinners. With all of the party planning, food, decor, execution, and guest management, the “hosts with the most”  are likely heavily dreading the pre/post-party cleaning. And who has time anyway? After pulling off (or attending) a rockin’ holiday party, the last thing you want to do is clean up. I’d instead be toasting my success with my feet up. 

The Dazzle cleaning team is the perfect solution to send tactical support to your favorite party host. Buying your loved ones’ house cleaning gift cards is such a welcome gift. Our pre-party clean squad will have the space sparkling clean so the host can focus on dazzling the guests. We are cleaning experts. Whether or not there are people present, we will work alongside the host’s preference and schedule. After the party, the Dazzle team is back to make dreams come true; snap your fingers, and the clean-up is done!

People always ask the party host what they can do to help. Dazzle has the answer. The gift of cleaning!

Give the Gift of Clean Appliances

Food is a staple of the holiday season. Refrigerators and ovens are working overtime to help provide sustenance and roll out all of the holiday favorites. Cooking is a messy business, and spills are unavoidable. Why not gift a friend, family member, or coworker a clean refrigerator or oven?

The kitchen’s fridge and oven are the most critical food areas and the most feared cleaning areas. Can you imagine anything more wonderful than beginning the new year with a sparkling clean oven and refrigerator? Talk about starting with a bang! It might inspire supreme devotion to personal resolutions or possibly world peace (you never know). Or bring a smile and a sparkle to those who have been putting in work all year long.

Give the Gift of Laundry

Do you know anyone who hates doing laundry? Or is the volume of laundry in their house pushing them over the cliff of sanity? The gift of laundry is the perfect opportunity to help someone get on top of their weekend. This year, surprise that special someone with the luxury of someone else taking care of all the clothes, towels, sheets, and whatever other loads need doing. Imagine all the things one could do with laundry off the table for a weekend or a whole month!

Give the Gift of Window & Blinds Cleaning

I went to swat a fly yesterday, and a huge puff of dust filled the air. As I moved closer to look at the blinds, I also got a closeup of the windows. I started thinking about the last time I cleaned the windows and blinds…. nothing came to mind. If you are like me, you prefer clean windows and blinds, but the thought of actually doing it is not enough to spark motivation. There are many of us out there, staring at our windows and wishing we had the muster to get up and get wiping. Give the gift of window and blinds cleaning for an unexpected but welcome surprise.

Holiday Gift Giving Pro Tip

You may be thinking that the gift of cleaning is an excellent idea, but it’s a bit above your budget. Reach out to friends and family and make it a group gift! With a few or more chipping in, the fantastic gift of Dazzle clean is doable on any budget. We guarantee that the gift of cleaning will spark more smiles and goodwill than almost anything that needs wrapping!

Tune in next week for more cleaning gift options and take care of your most difficult gifts with ease!

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