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November 17, 2022

House Cleaning Company – A Gift to Yourself

WeImHouse Cleaning Is The Gift You Give Yourself… But Don’t Take Our Word For It

At Dazzle house cleaning company, cleaning is our business. We believe a clean home is a key aspect to living a good life. A clean home improves your mood and makes you happy. Oftentimes, people don’t realize the impact of hiring a house cleaning company. Check out what Dazzle customers are saying (full reviews on Yelp & Facebook):

“Super happy with our first cleaning, will be signing up for more!”

“I’ve been using Dazzle for about 6 months for bi-weekly cleanings. My favorite days of the month are coming home to a perfectly clean house.”

“I hired Dazzle Cleaning Company right after I had my third baby. It was a dream come true.”

“It felt like such a luxury and made a really big difference in our mental health.”

At Dazzle, Seattle’s Own House Cleaning Company we strive to ensure that your sparkling clean home feels life-changing!

You Think You Know Clean, Until You Leave It To the Professionals

Many people believe that hiring a house cleaning company is an unnecessary expense for something they can do themselves. It’s true, cleaning is something everyone can do. But do you want to? Do you want to spend the time? The Dazzle staff not only loves to clean but wants to help unburden you from the time/effort of cleaning. In addition, we train our staff to be quick and excellent.

“Holy cow. 10/10, my apartment has literally never looked so clean.”

“They achieved in 3 hours what would have taken me 3 weeks.”

“The initial deep clean they did was not only super thorough, but for the amount of square footage it was impressive how fast they worked.”

“Deep grime on our cooktop and our glass shower door (that I had spent hours on myself) was removed with seemingly no effort.”

“The house may have been cleaner than it was when we first moved in!”

Cleaning is a major chore that takes effort and time. Let Dazzle take this chore of your list!

No Judgment Guarantee

Many people avoid hiring a house cleaning company because they are embarrassed about the state of their home. But please remember, at Dazzle, we are not here to judge!  We know that cleaning often takes a backseat to really important things like family, work, and rest. Additionally, we take pride in our ability to alleviate your workload. Challenging projects not only help us improve our cleaning skills and strategies but give you a chance to tell your friends what a great job we did.

“I felt guilty our home was so dirty…”

“I have never paid anyone to clean for me, so I was very nervous. I think I apologized for the messes at least a dozen times…they were polite, efficient, and left our home looking better than I have ever seen it.”

“The team who showed up to clean our home were professional, kind, and promised they  weren’t judging us.”

We understand that getting behind on cleaning can feel overwhelming and embarrassing. Dazzle is here to help!

The Dazzle Team is a Group of Top Notch House Cleaners

Our team is a well-oiled cleaning machine! We seek to exceed your expectations and bring joy to your day. Our team enjoys quality pay and benefits and we know how important that is. Above all, we believe taking care of our team translates to high quality house cleanings, and it shows!

“Not only were they efficient, they were thoughtful and detail-oriented…the service is  impeccable”

“Professional service, quick, efficient, respectful;, friendly, and special surprises too.”

“Incredible service, sweetest staff, great communication, and they did an amazing job. Highly exceeded any expectations…worth every penny.”

As the holiday season approaches, why not give yourself the gift of walking into a freshly cleaned house? You may be surprised at how much it impacts your mood, happiness, and energy! Imagine your surprise at how clean your home can actually look! You will be surprised at how friendly, dedicated, and efficient our staff will be in cleaning your home! Consequently, we won’t be surprised when you decide to sign up for regular cleanings. The Dazzle house cleaning company is ready and waiting for your call!

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