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cleaning lady
May 16, 2022

Cleaning Lady

I never thought I would become one of those people. You know, the people who don’t want to clean up after themselves. The people who have a cleaning lady. Well, I am sitting here exhausted at 6am trying to will myself to get up. I’m overwhelmed while staring at a pile of work, a pile of laundry, and a pile of dishes and feeling like a pile of sh%$@! And I am thinking “I just need some help!” And then it hits me. I AM one of those people who really needs a cleaning lady.

Cleaning Lady Near Me?

So, I jump on my computer and type in “cleaning lady near me.”  As I type the words I begin to laugh aloud. What generation is this? Does anyone use the term “cleaning lady” anymore? An image of a woman in her 50s with a snappy updo and a white apron standing at my front door comes to mind. She holds a mop in her hand and a Virginia slim on her lip while peering at me over horn-rimmed glasses. As I shake away that image, another appears of a woman in high heels and short dress with a feather duster—okay. French maids are likely not a thing anymore, at least not in Seattle! I realize I have no idea what a cleaning lady or rather, a cleaning service looks like anymore. As I begin to sift through the results of my cleaning lady search, I realize that cleaning houses has gone mainstream. It’s not just for people with butlers who sip martinis in the parlor, it’s for everyone. I also realize that cleaning ladies are not necessarily ladies. As I review cleaning services, I see faces reflecting a range of genders, ages, and backgrounds. I start reading staff bios and realize that some cleaners are students working a part-time job, some are people working extra hours to make ends meet, and some are full-time cleaners because the demand for household cleaning is high.

Stress Free Home Cleaning

Suddenly I feel my stress melting away. It’s okay to get help! I am not one of “those” people. These are my people:
  • People who work long hours
  • Folks with children
  • People who juggle multiple responsibilities
  • Those who want to relax and enjoy their free time
  • People who want to come home to a sparkling clean and fresh smelling house
  • And people who want to support the many individuals earning an honest living as cleaning superheroes. |

The people have spoken! From cleaning lady to cleaning superhero, cleaners of the world offer a much-needed service that helps all of us rest easier and cleaner.

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