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Window Cleaning Terms
September 16, 2021

Terms for Window Cleaning in Seattle and Scottsdale!

What to Expect for Your Window Cleaning Service!

If you’re in need of exterior window cleaning in Seattle, we can help! Founder and president Logan Taylor walks you through the window cleaning services that The Dazzle Cleaning Company offers in Seattle and Scottsdale in this video, providing you with great insight to help you make an informed decision about signing up for our services!

If you’re in need of window cleaning, then get in touch! Whether you give us a call at 1-800-214-1417 or want to visit our quote pages in either Seattle or Scottsdale, we look forward to hearing from you!

What You’ll Learn:

  • What our window cleaning services entail.
  • Why old screens in your windows may not be ideal for cleaning.
  • What we can and cannot clean when it comes to exterior windows!

Audio Version Below

Transcript Below: 

Logan Taylor: Hey there! My name is Logan Taylor, and I’m the president and founder of the Dazzle Cleaning Company in Seattle and Scottsdale!

So, I wanted to talk about one of our services – window cleaning. So we don’t offer exterior window cleaning in Scottsdale, but we DO offer it in Seattle! We have three different options that you can choose. We can clean just the insides of your windows, or just the outsides of your windows, or the inside and outside and the screens.

So, we use a pull system, meaning a pole rather than ropes or ladders. So what that means is that we can only clean up to three stories high, and we have to be able to stand back 10 to 20 feet from the side of your building to be able to get our pole to go up there and clean your windows. So, if that means that we have to be in a neighbor’s yard, then we have to get approval from you in directions that you’ve talked to your neighbor and let them know, and there’s not a dog that’s going to eat us or anything like that, and it means that if there’s a drop off or a cliff behind your home, we’re not going to be able to get those windows. Most people’s homes, this is not an issue, but sometimes it comes up, so we want to make sure that we cover it so that you’re super happy.

We also can’t clean horizontal surfaces, um, or even semi-horizontal surfaces like a skylight, because our pull system just can’t typically get to that area. And we are unable to clean windows that are set back over the roof, because the pole does not bend, so when we’re offering windows service, it’s for pretty basic places.

Um, we don’t dry your exterior windows, because we use a system where it’s purified water, so we just use the pole and our scrubby and the purified water, and because it’s the way that the water is purified, it doesn’t leave it streaky, but it’s not dry so it just air dries.

The other thing is, we don’t clean in between glass panes. So if you have double or triple paned windows, we’re not cleaning between them. We’re only cleaning the inside or the outside or both of them.

Now, if it’s interior windows that we’re cleaning, we can bring a pull system if you have high windows. We just need to know that you have this so that we can bring them.

Now, let’s talk about cleaning your screens! The first thing is the way that we clean them, we need to have access to the inside of your home, and we take them all off, and then we take them outside and we, uh, wash them with soap and water, and then dry them, and then bring them back and put them back into your windows. So, we don’t repair screens which some people do. We do not repair screens, and some people have screens that are really old and brittle and they break easily, so if you have screens like that you’re taking a chance to have them washed, because even just popping them out can break them and we don’t replace broken screens. So, if you have screens that are brittle, um, you need to either expect that they can easily break, or just that they probably need to be replaced, not cleaned, so we don’t want to come in there and pop them all off if they’re brittle and if you’re going to be upset if one of them breaks, because that does absolutely happen with old screens. We need to have access to the inside of your home to be able to clean the screens, and I believe that is it.

Our goal is always to be the best cleaning service around, and to have super happy clients, which is why we have thousands of positive online reviews! So we just like to make sure that we’re crystal clear about what we’re offering, so there’s no surprises, and you’re always happy with the service. So if you have any questions, or if you want to get the service booked, please give us a call at 1-800-214-1417 or go ahead and email us at booking, b-o-o-k-i-n-g, at dazzlecompany.com (booking@dazzlecompany.com) and we will get your window cleaning set up!

Okay, thank you!