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June 23, 2021

Scheduling Cleaning Services in Seattle or Scottsdale is a Breeze with Our New Client Hub Tool!


We Just Added Another Great Way to Access Our Amazing Services!

Dazzle Cleaning Company President Logan Taylor takes you through the upgraded version of Dazzle’s online client hub! Dazzle is a client-focused company. We want to make it as easy as possible for our clients to get the services that they need, when they need them. That’s why the client hub is centered around creating a straight-forward, easy to navigate process for virtually everything you need to make scheduling, billing, and changing your services a breeze! After Logan walks you through the process, you’ll be a pro at using this great tool.

Not a fan of online scheduling services and the like? No worries! The client hub is completely optional. How you schedule and pay is still in your hands. That’s the whole client-focused part. We want you to be comfortable with how you make The Dazzle Cleaning Company fit into your life! That’s why we provide options where we can.

So click the video to learn all about our new tool, and schedule your next service today! We can’t wait to hear from you.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Where to locate the client hub for your respective market.
  • Some of the great features of the client hub, including rescheduling and auto-pay setup.
  • How the client hub is a great feature, but not necessary for booking your services, making changes, or making payments!


Transcript for this video:

Hey there! My name is Logan Taylor, and I am the president and the owner of The Dazzle Cleaning Company in Seattle and Scottsdale, and I just wanted to touch base with our clients to let them know that we are upgrading our client relationship management software, our scheduling software, and our payment processing software, and this is all to provide you with a better, more seamless experience and also so that your data is even safer.

So here’s what you need to know if you like to use our client hub. You can easily access it by going to our website, dazzlecompany.com, and then you can just scroll to the bottom of the site and you’ll see two sets of links, “contact us in Scottsdale” and “contact us in Seattle,” and then right down here is the Scottsdale client hub and the Seattle client hub. So I’m just going to use the Scottsdale client hub as an example, and all I’m going to do is put my email address in here, sparkle at dazzlecompany.com, and that’s a pretty empty box right now.

Oh dear, the reason why that didn’t work is because it’s not associated with anything, so I will use my personal email address. Then that will ask us to check our emails, so I’m just gonna hop over here and go to my email. Logan J Taylor at dazzlecompany.com, and then here we have the link and log into client hub, so we don’t need a password or anything. Super convenient. Now, once we’re here in the hub you can view any previous requests that you’ve made and as you can see, we don’t have any. You can make a new request. So you can say “I have multiple addresses because some of them are fake” or whatever, like you’re testing the system, but we’ll use my actual home and then we’ll say “Hey there, can I move my service from Monday to Wednesday this week? Thanks a latte!.” “What day works best for you?” “Wednesday.” “Do we have a second best day?” “No, I really want it on Wednesday and it needs to happen. It can happen anytime during the day.”

Alright, so I’m just gonna submit that, and now we’ll be able to view your request and um respond to it, but this is only if you want to communicate with us. This way a minority of clients use our client hub. Most of our clients just make changes to their bookings through emailing us, calling us, or texting us, and that’s totally cool. We love that we just want to make sure that we have plenty of channels available for you so that you can communicate with us in the way that you prefer.

You can also view your previous invoices on here. I don’t have any invoices, but you can go to your wallet and update your credit card. So I have this as my default credit card, but I could… let’s say that I didn’t want this card anymore because it’s expiring or something. I could add a new credit card, and then we want to make sure we click set as default payments so we can automatically charge that card for every service so that you don’t have to be bothered. Unless you want to change it or something, then of course that’s what you’ll do.

You can also click appointments and you can see a list of any upcoming appointments. Here I don’t have any upcoming appointments. My last appointment was Friday, June 11th at 8 am. This is again just to make things a little bit easier for you, and if you don’t find this to be easier, if this looks like it’s, you know, a hassle, then definitely don’t use it! We’re just, you know, we live in Seattle, I live in Seattle, and a lot of our clients are in Seattle. It’s really tech heavy. A lot of people prefer to have options that don’t require sending an email or definitely not picking up the phone. Even a text message can feel cumbersome. So this is just for people who prefer this. They think it’s easier.

Alright, thanks so much for being a Dazzle client! We really, really, really, appreciate you!