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March 5, 2018

The Gayest Cleaning Company in America

We didn’t choose being the gayest cleaning company in America, it chose us

Dazzle was born in a pretty gay neighborhood of Seattle: Capitol Hill. Most of our first dozen or so clients were part of the LGBTQIAA community and they began referring their friends to us like crazy!

What I’m saying is we didn’t choose to be the gayest cleaning company in America, it chose us.

We decided to stay the gayest cleaning company in America even after we diversified

As we continued to grow our client and employee population diversified. Still, we decided to continue calling ourselves, “The Gayest Cleaning Company in America” for a few reasons.

It may not seem like it in Seattle, but we continue to live in a homophobic, transphobic and othering world. It is our hope that when someone who is in an oppressive space sees our company it might offer a glimpse into a world not yet known to them. This is a world where people are not disadvantaged, beat up, raped or killed because of their sexuality. Of course that world already exists, and we are widening it.

Beyond connecting with the LGBTQIAA community, our brand connects with other people who have experienced different flavors of oppression. We have a lot of black and brown clients, Jewish and Muslim clients and clients who are differently abled.

Cleaning a person’s home is an intimate act. People hire us because even if they’ve felt othered they feel safe and respected with us.

We will continue to call ourselves, “The Gayest Cleaning Company in America” until lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, intersex, a-sexual and allied people feel safe, welcome and embraced everywhere. And then we will all start wearing shirts that say, “Fuck You Donald Trump” as a reminder of the dark years.

-Logan Taylor
Owner of The Dazzle Cleaning Company