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January 24, 2018

Want to be happier, book a home cleaning!

Most of us feel best when we have a clean home. However, getting that clean home can be time consuming and stressful. And stress is terrible for our health; it shortens our telomeres, eek!


One solution is to hire a cleaning company and preferably even a green cleaning company. This is great because it is an instance where you can buy back time, reduce the amount of stress in your life and get a clean home!


You probably won’t be surprised to learn that a study published this summer in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and then later reported on in the New York Times suggests that spending money on things that give us more free time leads to being happier.


The NYT also reported that, as the researchers predicted, spending money to save time appeared to reduce time-related stress and increase well-being, while spending on material goods did not have the same effect. The same article went on to say that, “people benefited from buying time regardless of where they fell on the income spectrum.”


To be sure, having your home professionally cleaned is a luxury that is not afforded to everyone. If you can’t afford to hire a home cleaner then read this blog I wrote on, “How to Keep Your Home Sparkling in Minutes a Day.”


If you’re ready to take a step toward decreasing your stress level and increasing your overall life satisfaction by reducing stress and having a sparkling clean home then book a cleaning service with The Dazzle Cleaning Company!


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