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Why Let Dazzle Do Your House Cleaning?

Happy Cleaners, Happy Homes

At Dazzle Cleaning, we love to clean, and we do it with style. Our dedicated employees will leave your space sparkling, and our services are always backed by our Perfect Pricing Guarantee. You’ll feel good hiring us, not only because of our high-quality service, but also because of our commitment to improving our community.

House Cleaning Services Seattle

Imagine walking into your freshly cleaned home. As soon as you open the door you will instantly know that Dazzle was here. Having a freshly cleaned home is such a great feeling! Above all, our practiced professionals will leave your home sparkling so you can spend your time doing more of what you love.

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Office Cleaning in Seattle

Elevate your work space with regular Dazzle cleanings. If you’re like most offices that haven’t yet hired a cleaning company then it’s pretty likely lots of things are getting missed. Most businesses find that it’s just more efficient to have highly trained cleaners come in and do the job right.

About Dazzle House Cleaners

“The best way to have really happy clients who love your company is to have super happy cleaners that love their job and that’s why I have built Dazzle around making sure that we have the happiest and best paid employees in the cleaning industry”

-Logan Taylor, President and Founder of The Dazzle Cleaning Company

Why Hire Us for Maid Service?

People love hiring Dazzle house cleaning because:

  • We’re professionals and it shows
  • Our cleaners love Dazzle
  • We’re not just green, we’ve taken it past that to being carbon neutral
home cleaning Seattle
Pam LauritzenPam Lauritzen
20:24 28 Feb 22
I recently moved my mom in with me and was struggling with her care, working from home, and keeping the house clean. I've wanted to try The Dazzle Cleaning Company since I first heard of them several years back. We had a fabulous trio who came in for an initial deep clean that transformed how I feel about my home. Now, we have Leighton coming every other week to help me keep it up. It's so lovely to hear him cleaning in the other room while I am at work.
Courtney CortesiCourtney Cortesi
20:28 17 Feb 22
We love Dazzle! We’ve had a number of cleaners over the last few months, and they’ve all been great—thorough, professional, and friendly. Our favorite right now is Amanda! She leaves the house sparking, and takes time to add some special touches too.
Kari RiceKari Rice
17:48 07 Feb 22
Such a great company. I manage a large apartment complex and Dazzle came out and cleaned the carpets and flooring in all of the hall ways. They were so polite to the residents and did such a great job. They actually had me send in fibers ahead of time so they could test them which then let’s them know the best cleaning method to use. Wow, was I impressed. We thought we were going to have to replace the carpets but after they cleaned them they look great.Thank you
I am very happy with the service I received from Dazzle. They did an initial deep clean and did a wonderful job! I now have them scheduled for a monthly maintenance service. Booking an appointment was extremely easy, they got back to me immediately and the cleaning crew (Emilio, Kierriea, and Elmer) was on time, professional and very nice. A quality company with quality service. Thanks!
Kimberly BevierKimberly Bevier
03:49 27 Jan 22
Asking for help in cleaning your home and allowing someone in it is a big deal. I’m disappointed in our “deep clean,” but far more upset with the owner’s response to my concerns. We booked a deep clean for our mostly clean and well-organized house, just to get some additional help with the spots that don’t get as much attention (grout, corners, etc).I came home to a floor that didn’t look to be mopped, with corners of dirt in several rooms and massive dust bunnies behind furniture. Furniture was not vacuumed, and overall, no real sense of “deep” clean.I called the owner to discuss my concerns, and he told me that my house was “far too dirty” and “covered in smoke and soot.” Even after sending photos of the unclean corners and piled-up dust, he claimed my standards were much too high (what?). While we had some candle soot on a few windowsills, our house was not “entirely covered” - and the window edgings weren’t even cleaned. Several employees were at the house, but never told my husband - who was at home - there were issues or that they weren’t able to complete the work. I had to call in order to learn this.When I became upset with his treatment (because someone from a cleaning company saying your house is filthy is tough to hear), he proceeded to tell me he didn’t feel “safe” sending his employees back. The owner turned my own mental health around on me, saying if he knew I had OCD, they wouldn’t have come to clean the house. And - that he had never, ever had a customer complain before me in 7 years. I don’t think I’ve ever had someone gaslight me this much.
Kitchen Cleaning

Reasons to Choose Us


Our thorough and detailed, yet flexible, services have delighted thousands of clients. Therefore, we have hundreds of positive reviews online.


Dazzle cleaners enjoy industry-leading benefits including paid time off, a competitive living wage, life and dental insurance, telemedicine, fair and flexible scheduling and IRA matching.


We emphasize green cleaning practices, including using homemade natural cleaning products whenever possible.


Our work is guaranteed. If you’re not 100% satisfied with our work, just let us know within 24 hours and we will come out and fix it. We offer high quality cleaning services.


We’re engaged in our community. Learn more about our giving here.


Dazzle is a culturally gay company, and we’re proud of our unusually diverse employee and client population.

Our Employees Love Working at Dazzle!

Devoted to Our Clients and Our Cleaners!

Our people are our greatest asset and we know it! Consequently, we have the happiest cleaning clients in Seattle is because we have the happiest cleaners in Seattle!

  • Full-time cleaners make $27 per hour
  • + Regular bonuses & tips
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Comprehensive paid training
  • 2 weeks Paid Time Off for your first year
  • 3 weeks Paid Time Off for your second year
  • 401(k) with company matching

We Are Your House Cleaning Company in Seattle!

Dazzle Cleaning Services on K5 News!

Owner, Logan Taylor tells the viewers

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Happy Customers,
Happy Homes

Happy Customers
Service Guarantee
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The kitchen is an essential room in your home and apartment. Therefore the cleaning process is important. We are excited to make your kitchen shine! From an unpleasant microwave, to stubborn stove tops, we clean it all. We make sure your kitchen is a safe and clean place for food preparation and cooking for your loved ones.


Cleaning and vacuuming stairs is an exhausting process. However, Dazzle is fully equipped to tackle that task. Whether it’s upstairs, downstairs, or basements, we make the climb as many times as necessary to get the job done.


One of the dirtiest rooms in a home or apartment is the bathroom. From bathtubs and showers with stubborn grime, to toilets that are always due for a deep cleaning, you can count on us. You can expect a heavy-duty scrubbing for every bathroom and dedication to wiping out any dirt or stains.


Moving from apartment to apartment or home to home is always complicated and filled with an endless list of tasks. As a leader in apartment cleaning and home cleaning services, we would love to take the cleaning task off your shoulders. Do you need us to clean your old place and make it picture-perfect? No problem. You don’t want any slowdowns with the return of your deposit. In addition, if you need us to give your new place a deep scrub so you’re assured of a pristine environment when YOU move in, we’ve got you covered!


After the labor and sweat equity you poured into your renovation, the last thing you want to do is deal with the dirt and dust left behind. The dirt can come from the constant movement of materials in and out of the house. Dust can come from work debris, or from the materials themselves. Either way, it does not belong in your home, and we’re here to make it a distant memory. Our Merry Fairies are here to help and to make sure that dirt and dust do not lead to any health or allergy issues. That way, you and your guests can relax and enjoy the completion of your amazing project.


When that special somebody first comes to your home, or even if you are just entertaining friends at a gathering, how clean and organized you keep your living space makes a big first impression. A clean living space is ideal and makes a true reflection about your priorities and self-care. Our professionals are happy to help make your home sparkle.


Unless graced with proper cleaning, any Seattle home or apartment can turn into a hotbed for disease-causing germs or viruses. To protect you and your family members, our Seattle cleaning services will clean and sanitize areas prone to germs and microorganisms that cause illness.


When working from home, an unclean home is an instant distraction. That distraction is a drain on productivity and makes work less enjoyable. After Dazzle comes to your home or apartment, your perfectly cleaned home office will allow you to get more done and focus on enjoying your new workspace.

Dazzle Home Cleaning in Seattle